Mapathon/OSM Geo Week 2014

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Plan an event during OSM Geo Week Nov 16th - 21st 2020

Teach, Learn and Discover Geography With OpenStreetMap.

Add your location here to host an event during OSM Geo Week. OSM Geo Week is part of National Geographic's Geography Awareness Week and takes place from November 16th to 21st 2020.

Participating is as easy as adding your city to this list and promoting your event locally.

And please submit also to OSMGeoWeek, at


City Dates and Times Venue Contact Event link
Washington DC Virtual Contact Steven Johnson
Add your city!

What do I need to know to host a virtual event?

  • Design your event friendly to newcomers, make sure there's someone to greet first timers and explain the fundamentals of OpenStreetMap and show them the first steps of editing and surveying.
  • The rule is simple: anything you commit to OpenStreetMap, should contain the hashtag #osmgeoweek in the comment.
  • Use MapRoulette or the Battle Grid to jump start editing!
  • Your event can be an outside surveying event or an inside editing event.
  • The location should have fast internet and a place to sit for everyone. Remind attendees to bring a computer, mouse, and any other devices you'll need for your event.
  • Collect name and email from attendees, keep them to yourself. This information is to send on a feedback survey and only for survey purposes.