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The 11th U.S. national Mapathon will be held in conjunction with Geography Awareness Week 16 - 22 Novermber 2015. Let's get together and make the best map of the world even better!


What do I need to know to host an event?

  • Please use the Slack channel to coordinate local events! Event organizers should send an email to to join the channel.
  • The rule is simple: anything you commit to OpenStreetMap, should contain the hashtag #mapathon in the comment.
  • Use MapRoulette or the Battle Grid to jump start editing!
  • Make use the Strava running and cycling tile layers to help map large trail networks.
  • Your event can be an outside surveying event or an inside editing event. This is a great opportunity to incorporate Mapillary and FieldPapers to your events.
  • Design your event friendly to newcomers, make sure there's someone there to explain to first timers the fundamentals of OpenStreetMap and show them the first steps of editing and surveying.
  • The location should have fast internet and a place to sit for everyone. Remind attendees to bring a computer, mouse, and any other devices you'll need for your event.
  • Collect name and email from attendees, keep them to yourself. This information is to send on a feedback survey and only for survey purposes.
City Dates and Times Venue Contact Event link
Washington, DC 16 November TBD Steven Johnson Autumn 2015 Mapathon