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The 10th U.S. national Mapathon will be held in in the weekend of April 11-12, 2015. Let's get together and make the best map of the world even better!

This Mapathon will be dedicated to 'The Great Outdoors'! If you feel like it, get out there and survey trails and trailheads. Richard Weait has written a great blog post about adding trails to OSM to get you started!


City Dates and Times Venue Contact Event link
Boston, MA 4/11/15 : 12PM - 6PM CIC Boston User:Ahlzen Details and RSVP
Cape Cod 4/11/15 : 8AM - 12PM [1] Coming Soon
Madison (Wisc.) 4/12/15 : 1-5PM Madison Public Library Bubbler[2] User:Hobbesvsboyle Link and RSVP
Washington, DC 4/11/15 : 9AM - 5PM DOI HQ (myAmerica Developer Summit) User:OpenBrian Details and RSVP
Salt Lake City, UT 4/11/15 Memory Grove Park (Outdoor event), Church And State (indoor follow up) User:mvexel Details and RSVP
St. Louis, MO 4/11/15 TBD User:eleanortutt TBD
New York, NY 4/11/15 World Cup Cafe User:emacsen Details and RSVP
San Francisco Bay Area, CA 4/11/15 9am-5pm Multiple - GGNRA and Los Gatos Creek in San Jose, CA User:ryanbranciforte Details and RSVP
Fort Collins, CO 4/11/15 Colorado State University Morgan Library Room 175[3] User:jimmyrocks Details and RSVP

What do I need to know to host an event?

  • The rule is simple: anything you commit to OpenStreetMap, should contain the hashtag #mapathon in the comment.
  • Use MapRoulette or the Battle Grid to jump start editing!
  • Make use the Strava running and cycling tile layers to help map large trail networks.
  • Your event can be an outside surveying event or an inside editing event.
  • Design your event friendly to newcomers, make sure there's someone there to explain to first timers the fundamentals of OpenStreetMap and show them the first steps of editing and surveying.
  • The location should have fast internet and a place to sit for everyone. Remind attendees to bring a computer, mouse, and any other devices you'll need for your event.
  • Collect name and email from attendees, keep them to yourself. This information is to send on a feedback survey and only for survey purposes.