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The Spring 2017 OSM US Mapathon events will take place in the weekend of July 29-30.


The theme for the 2017 Summer mapathon is Bus Routes and Bus Stops. has a direction finder for driving, biking, and walking. But there's no directions for using public transportation. This is largely because the underlying data for these routes does not exist yet in OpenStreetMap.

With this mapathon you will trace the full circuit of a bus route and capture details of the bus stops as you go. Advanced mappers will also capture a street level view of the route.


Unlike prior mapathons, you may participate in this mapathon with an organizing city or individually.organizing city or individually.

Looking to join a local city Mapathon? Just check the list of organizing cities below. If there is nothing in your area yet, you can email to the community (see Mailing lists) or go on Slack and ask in the #local channel if there's something cooking that is not already listed.

If you just want to help out on your own, you may also do that.

To get started, print out the Bus Mapathon Guide and the Bus Stop Survey form.

Organizing a Mapathon in your City

Do you want to run your own Mapathon? You can! It's fun and not hard to do. To get started, have a look at some of the other Mapathons listed below for inspiration. Decide on a place and time, and perhaps a theme, and start spreading the word through Meetup and / or other local event listings! Need help? Email the board at, talk to fellow organizers on the #mapathon-organizers Slack channel (sign up here if you're not yet a Slack team member) or ask on the talk-us mailing list!


Organizing Cities

City Date and Time Venue Contact Event link
Washington, DC July 29th Pentagon Bus Terminal MappingDC
Los Angeles, CA July 29th Grand Park MaptimeLA
New York, NY August 7th SAVI Pratt Institute OSM NYC
Portland, Maine July 29th WEX Inc MaptimeME
Portland, Oregon August 26th Creston Park OSM Portland


We record the route we indent to capture to prevent duplicating efforts.

City Date and Time OSM UserName Route Uploaded trace