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Maperitive has a powerful searching feature in the find command. The search is restricted to the current loaded map and to values in the Point of Interest (POI) tags.

A simple example is

  find name=Subway

Note the string is case sensitive also if you type this in Maperitive will anticipate the word find after you've typed in fi.

The targets are highlighted in pink. The F3 key will cycle through the list of POIs found, zooming in on each one and placing it center screen. Shift F3 cycles backwards.

More complex searches can be made:

  find addr:postcode="K4A 1M7"
  find [addr:postcode="K4A 1M7" addr:housenumber=574]
  find [addr:postcode="K4A 1M7" addr:housenumber="574" addr:street="Merkley Drive"]

One technique is to build complex searches in notepad, save them then use cut and paste to paste them in the command prompt of Maperitive.