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Introduction and data

These are sample maps rendered by Maperitive using some of the rule sets found here: Category Maperitive/Rules and the built in ones.

It would be great if other people added their own examples here - you can use the same data file as me in order to give a direct comparison, or use your own to show off some particular features.

The OSM data file I used is this one: File:Olney.osm.bz2.doc - you'll have to drop the ".doc" off the end of the filename to use it, but the wiki won't allow just any old file to be uploaded.

The rendering is done with Maperitive (build 2001) 2011-11-06 with the following commands:

load-source Olney.osm.bz2
set-geo-bounds -0.727313369708301,52.1499750433728,-0.683472226307852,52.1659445173278
use-ruleset alias=default
export-bitmap map-scale=5500 file=SampleRenderings/MaperitiveDefault.png

Built in rules

Default style
Hiking style
Wireframe style
Urbanight style
Google maps style

User contributed

Uses of Maperitive

Here I used my PCB style dimmed down a bit to produce a nifty desktop background (click on the image for fullsize):