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Introduction and data

These are sample maps rendered by Maperitive using some of the rule sets found here: Category Maperitive/Rules and the built in ones.

It would be great if other people added their own examples here - you can use the same data file as me in order to give a direct comparison, or use your own to show off some particular features.

The OSM data file I used is this one: File:Olney.osm.bz2

The rendering is done with Maperitive (build 2001) 2011-11-06 with the following commands:

load-source Olney.osm.bz2
set-geo-bounds -0.727313369708301,52.1499750433728,-0.683472226307852,52.1659445173278
use-ruleset alias=default
export-bitmap map-scale=5500 file=SampleRenderings/MaperitiveDefault.png

Built in rules

Default style
Hiking style
Wireframe style
Urbanight style
Google maps style

User contributed

Uses of Maperitive

Here I used my PCB style dimmed down a bit to produce a nifty desktop background (click on the image for fullsize):