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A successor for mapgen?

Well, yes. I think it is time. Since I am no longer happy with the architecture, the flexibility and the maintainability of mapgen. That is because when writing osmrender and expanding it to mapgen there was no big concept. It just grew. And with the program my programming experience and knowledge about map making grew.

This will also mean that the programm will likely be in the same league as other programs. But what can I do? I am challenged and it's a hobby.

Each program will have its strengths...

Finally, here it is: Mapweaver

What can be improved


  • ini file
  • less options (maybe...)
  • more modularized
  • abstract data import (maybe allow other sources)
  • forget all about PNG dependencies. focus on SVG.
  • mapgen compatibility where possible
  • load and reuse data?
  • load only needed data?
  • background opacity?
  • options hash
  • legend in separate file
  • logging / printing to STDOUT / STDERR


  • other file format
  • more conditions
  • complete svg support while maintaining simple definition if desired
  • defaults (to keep it short)
  • layer for objects
  • variables?
  • draw only objects of a certain size (no small lakes on a world map i.e.)
  • importance of icon and text (label order when placing the objects)
  • multi layer definition (for borders of ways i.e.)
  • size definition like in gamin rules (interpolated between zoom levels)? check if border, textsize and tspan work also!
  • max bend for way labels


  • think about units
  • think about scales
  • title and maybe other elements
  • positioning of elements (scale, ruler, legend)
  • tile generation?
  • define a stack of layers
  • better oneway arrows
  • better label placement for areas (inside :-) )
  • set output size instead of scale


  • integrate space management of ways, nodes, icons, text etc.
  • simple shapes for nodes (triangle for hill tops i.e.)
  • optionally compress labels (font), if allowed
  • abbreviate labels, if allowed


  • improve multipolygon handling
    • recursive members
    • data representation

I need a name...

Your ideas here

  • ...