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A Mappa Mercia to improve the mapping of the Canal System in the West Midlands.

May 2009 - Mini project challenge

Blackadder took on a challenge to help Richard Fairhust out by undertaking some Dudley & Stourbridge canal mapping

Basically the challenge is to map all the roads and close features to the canal (as well as the towpath walk itself) between the Dudley Tunnel Canal Trust Headquarters at Blower’s Green pump house (map) and ends at the Bonded Warehouse in Stourbridge (map). Basically everything that you can see along and adjacent to the canal that you would see on the walk.

The route follows first the Dudley No. 1 Canal, then the Stourbridge Canal and finally the Stoubridge Town Arm. Six miles in all. Basically it's from the south side of Dudley, around Brierley Hill and into Stourbridge from the west.

The route sits at the boundary of the Cake slices as detailed below:

Canal section In Taken By Completed? Notes
119/151 Paul The Archivist Planning to map Sun/Mon
128/150 Paul The Archivist Planning to map Sun/Mon
129/127 Blackadder Mapped Sat Morning (23/05). Edited 24/5. Plan to complete Merry Hill (and opposite side of canal) on Monday am. Probably should have done this yesterday.
131/133 Blackadder Mapped Sat Morning (23/05). Edited 24/5. Planning on finishing off rest of area 131 on Monday 25th am
130/132 Blackadder Mapped Sat Morning (23/05). Cycled up the Fens Branch but didnt do any of the footpaths in the Nature reserve. Edited 24/5.
143/132 EdLoach Mapped Sun morning. Edited Mon.
138/136 sherbourne Yes (to the South West of A491)
136/137 sherbourne Yes
176 sherbourne Yes

We have until Tuesday May 26th to complete but that does include a bank holiday weekend