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Locks and Bridges

It seems that neither Mapnik or Osmarender draw locks at present. Having read the wiki this is how I believe I should tag them.

  • Have the way direction for the waterway=canal pointing downhill.
  • Have a node for the lock gate at each end of the lock tagged waterway=lock_gate
  • Split the canal way at the gates and add lock=yes to the section between the gates.
  • Optionally add lock_name to the section of the way between the gates (name will probably already contain the canal name).
  • In one instance (Stourbridge number one lock) I added ref=1 (as for locks 12 to 2 I'd already used lock_name=<number>, but the number 1 lock actually had it's own name sign).

For bridges, these usually have a name on them (from the one's I've seen). I've tagged these using bridge_name=<name> as usually the name tag contains the name of the road that crosses the canal.

--EdLoach 08:30, 26 May 2009 (UTC)