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Mappam is new location based advertising service. Homepage:


OpenStreetMap was featuring adverts from Mappam on the main slippy map ( homepage). Just like the old banner ads that OSM used to carry, the location based adverts will go away once you have logged in (see Accounts). Unlike the old ads, Mappam ads take up very little space - there is only one advert on the map at a time, and it only takes up 16×16 pixels. This means more space for the map and more relevant adverts for OSM users.


This is project Fund Raising. Just like with the old ads, all the revenue from advertising goes straight to the OSMF Treasurer. OSMF is a not-for-profit organisation, meaning that all income should be spent to cover expenses. For a trial period the advertising broker is not taking any of the advertising revenue. Mappam's founder is Steve Coast (User:SteveC), which also started OpenStreetMap.


While geo-located ads are a novel approach to advertising, there is a dispute whether the map, our main output, made by volunteers, should be visually altered in such a way. Some contributors claim it is disgracing the map, even though it technically is a separate layer and can be turned off.


Although not recommended, turning the ads off is possible by either

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