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Author: Marcus Sackrow
Platforms: Amiga OS, MorphOS, and ArOS
Version: 0.6 (2016-09-09)
Language: English
Programming language: Pascal

Mapviewer for Amiga systems

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Mapparium is a desktop map viewing application running on Amiga Systems!


Supported Amiga Systems:

  • Comodore Amiga (68020+, FPU, GFX-card, OS3.1+)
  • AROS (i386, ARM)
  • MorphOS (PowerPC)
  • Amiga OS4 (PowerPC) (up to version 0.5, support removed since version 0.6)


  • View OpenStreetMap (standard tile layer). Move and zoom around the map.
  • Set waypoints
  • Load recorded tracks or waypoints from GPX, TCX, KML or KMZ files
  • The speed or height curve can be showed and inspected
  • Route calculation
  • GeoIP search
  • AREXX Scripting
  • Extract EXIF Data from photos and show on map


There are some 3rd party extensions available using the AREXX interface.

  • geo_tag: Transfer recursively Image EXIF geo information to Mapparium [1]
  • gps_point: Connects a GPS device to Mapparium [2]

A special release 0.7 for Raspberry Pi with ARM AROS is available. It includes GPS support for various NMEA devices.