Mapping addresses as separate nodes or by adding to building polygons

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In many cases addr:housenumber=* and the other addr:* keys can be added to either:

In general both methods are fine, mapping addresses using either is a significant improvement. If there is a local consensus to prefer either - follow it. Switching to one from another is of little benefit, better to map even a single address.

Note that in some cases other mapping methods may be used or needed, especially with addresses assigned to entrance or gate. See Addresses#How to map addresses for broader overview.

Isolated nodes inside building=* polygons allow easy handling of case where single building has assigned multiple housenumbers (for example building on a corner, like this one)

Tagging building=* polygons makes easier to avoid detaching address data from buildings, for example when buildings are dragged to fix offsets

Tagging building=* polygons makes a bit easier to associate buildings with addresses as it makes processing of data less necessary.