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Edinburgh Mapping Party Tag

This page is here to find the solution the particular problem of arranging, organizing and promoting mapping parties. please bear in mind that it is solutions that we need.

The Problem to be solved

Followers of the Edinburgh Wiki page will know that we are organizing mapping parties in the Edinburgh Area. The page is updated irregularly. Mapping parties are also advertised on the events schedule. E-mails are sent out to those that are in the Users_in_Edinburgh list if they wish to. To be part of this group the person that is interested needs to be able to edit their own preferences which is difficult for some newer users. When arranging a mapping party the user must check the events, or the Edinburgh page and then follow through to the details of the mapping party All this takes several steps. What we need it to highlight an area then get the mappers to choose their own area and claim that area with a tag. This will be beneficial because some may be in cars, bicycles or on foot or they may choose an area nearby that they are interested in or an overlapped area for more detail. We also need to be able to see all the mapping parties outwith our own area case we want to join in.

The main problem here is not the map but it creating an easy to use a tool that can help build the community of mappers, to help them meet, learn, share and therefore make even better maps

The first attempt

I have shown an area near Edinburgh where a possible mapping party may happen.

(The origional tags for this have been removed and we are now using solution 5)

This area is a new build and the only information there was traced by me--Central America 10:21, 26 April 2010 (UTC) The areas surrounding it have not been mapped. Lasswade, most of Bonnyrigg and NewtonGrange all have to be done. The date that I have put on it is two months away. My intention was to use this only two weeks before the mapping party. however I needed to see if the concept was acceptable to the mappers in my area.

This contains the tags

is_in: Edinburgh mapping_party: yes name: Proposed Mapping Party See Edinburgh Wiki: Central America July 2010 natural: beach note:

I have used.

is_in = Edinburgh because it is geographically correct area mapping_party = yes is made up note : to highlight more information name: to identify it as a mapping party, give a date and identify myself as organizer

natural= beach This is the only tag that is misused and is there to draw the eye to that part of the map. If the mapping_party= yes was rendered for example as yellow with a black dotted outline then we would not need this.

This solution is wrong and should not be used but I am keeping it for the moment because there is not a better solution available to me at the moment.--Central America 10:21, 26 April 2010 (UTC)

The information is geographically uncorrect, however that is exactly why we are highlighting it, the area would then become geographically correct after the party.

Suggested solutions

Solution 1

The easiest solution would be to accept the tag mapping_party = yes and to render it on the Mapnik layer. This would enable us to do everything that we need to do. It could be a temporary tag that could be removed 2 weeks after creation either by hand which would be most likely because the area would be mapped by the mapping party or automatically 2 weeks after creation.

I would choose Mapnik over Osmarender only because it is the default option in what people usually look at and give the mappers a chance to meet up even if they are not going to participate in the party. The choice would be up to the Mapnik folks.

Highlighting an area on the Mapnik layer may be be seen as a distortion of the map, however since there is virtually no information there in the first place and we know it is temporary it should be OK. Remembering that only a year ago we used to be faced with the screen filled with "More OSM coming soon" tiles

Solution 2

A third party app or layer to highlight the temporary mapping_party=yes tag. This would leave the Mapnik map clean and we would loose some advertising visibility but it would be a strong step in the right direction. We would still need to have the mapping_party=yes tag.

Solution 3

At present we have a nonames layer and the choice of looking at the data. If we had a Mapping party layer then the advertising would be visible after only one click

Solution 4

Creating a local overlay for Edinburgh. This would be a good solution for a local area but could make things more complex if there were multiples of these layers for different countries.

Solution 5

Creating a multipolygon with multiple Outers, The multipolygon should be tagged mapping_party=yes but should not have a name. Information can be put in the notes. When in the openstreetmap mapnik page choose Data. Then select the multipolygon and click on show detail. This will give you a small map of the multipolygon. You can then choose show in larger map and send the link to people. Other people can add to the multipolygon and put there name in the note tag.

Going forward

All solutions would need the acceptance of the mapping_party= yes tag. if you are willing to support this idea then please sign your name here and if we get enough support I will create a tag proposal page.

Please use the discussion page for thoughts but it you have a viable solution post it here--Central America 10:21, 26 April 2010 (UTC)