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OS Locator Data is a file with a list of road names for the UK. These road names can be compared with data in the OSM database, highlighting the following issues:

  • Missing roads in OSM
  • Roads with missing names in OSM
  • Roads with mis-spelt names in OSM

This page provides the latest discrepancies between the OS Locator data and the OSM data for Market Harborough. The bounding box used for Market Harborough is shown in this map.

Accessing the Latest Road Name Discrepancies

There are currently 2 road name discrepancies within the Market Harborough bounding box. These can be viewed and acted upon using the following three methods.


View online.

JOSM/Google Earth

Download this GPX file and open in JOSM or Google Earth.
A separate kml file is also available for Google Earth. This is also the source of the data for the online viewer.


The table below notes the latest road name discrepancies. When updating the OSM data, please also update the table below by striking out the road name and describing the change made and the source.
A special case is made for the word SAINT. All instances of the acronym St or St. which occur at the start of a name are expanded to SAINT by the script which creates the gpx files and the table below. When entering any street name into OSM which uses the word SAINT it must not be abbreviated, as per Editing Standards and Conventions#Street Names.
This table was last updated 11:58, 8 August 2010 (BST).

In OS data but not in OSM data.
Comment Link
SMYTH CLOSE Most similar OSM road: SMYTHE CLOSE (96% similar). Edit in Potlatch OSM StreetView

Commands used

OSM Download

wget,52.463621261,-0.895969636,52.494028272 -O data.osm