McFarland, California

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McFarland, Kern County, California

latitude: 35.6780104, longitude: -119.2292748
Browse map of McFarland 35°40′40.84″ N, 119°13′45.39″ W
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McFarland is a city in Kern County, California at latitude 35°40′40.84″ North, longitude 119°13′45.39″ West.

McFarland, California is noted in Wikipedia as being a city of increasing population, from about 9,600 in the 2000 census to about 12,000 in a 2006 census. In December of 2010, about 20% of the population (c. 2,000 people) were evacuated temporarily due to flooding resulting from "record setting rains".[1]

TIGER information for the city dates to 2007,[2] more recent than Bing imagery dating to May-June 2006;[3] the date of Yahoo imagery is not clear. The GNIS record on which the lat/long for this record are based dates to 1981.[4]


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