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The man_made=pipeline tagging scheme as of Dec.2014 introduced a change of the formerly used tag type=* to substance=*. The reason for this change is a potential conflict with type=* as used in relations. Also, type=* was considered a term too general.

This change requires the update of existing keys. To make the transition as smooth as possible, the following procedure is suggested:

  • copy type=* of each object to substance=*
  • wait a defined period to allow data consumers to update their software and rendering rules
  • remove the old type=* tag
  • re-run the mechanical edit script(s) for a certain period, to capture old tags that have been entered since the first / previous runs.

Copy Tag

Copy the value of type=* to substance=*

Object Primary tag Criteria
way man_made=pipeline HAS type=*
OR pipeline:type=*
AND NOT substance=*
node pipeline=marker
way pipeline=substation
node pipeline=substation

Change Keys

During discussion of the proposal, the following keys have been renamed:

Primary tag Old key New key
man_made=pipeline loop=* flow_direction=*
pipeline=marker mount=* support=*

Transition Period

TBD: how to flag objects where the key should remain?

Remove Old Tag

Manual Edit(s)

Due to the large number of currently existing substances, a manual update of the value is the best solution.

sewer -> sewage


General Checks

Checks on pipeline & related objects to be performed independently of the mechanical edit:

Specific Checks

  • both type and substance exist, but have different values
  • ...


User Account

The OSM account Pipeliner will be used to run the scripts.

Anyone who is capable of implementing and running the scripts - step forward!

To Be Notified

Data Consumers

Consumer/Contact notified at/by confirmed 2015-01-05 rfuegen

Software Authors

Editors: presets, validation procedures

see also
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