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Status and Report Type

type = interim

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Step 1. Methods and Activities

1 - Stickers

For the OSM Ireland Buildings project we are sending out stickers for mapping milestones. Tracked by the number of tiles completed in our tasking manager:


We initially organized a sticker design competition to engage the community in the design of the stickers:


Unfortunately we did not get any design responses. We did promote the competition on our mailing list, blog, telegram, and extensively on twitter.

Due to this one of the board members put forward a design, which was proceeded with. But this created a delay in getting the project rolling.

We were able to launch the project, and send out the first stickers in February:


With some positive responses coming in from the community:


So far 60 stickers have been sent out, and we will monitor the impact it has on the mapping activity across Ireland.

2 - SD Cards

Mapillary Photos in Ireland During October 2020: Source Mapillary
In October OpenSteetMap Ireland ran a competition, with the top 5 Mapillary uploaders receiving a micro SD card to boost the Mapillary effort on the island. The cards were competed for by fifteen avid uploaders and they were all pleased to receive and immediately use their cards to increase the store of street images.

3 - November Mapathon

Building Edits Per Day
Building Edits Per Day in Ireland over the course of the microgrant so far.
The Mapvember Mapathon, as it was called, was promoted within our community and on all our social media channels. The event consisted of a daily mapping task, with the community suggesting new places on the Telegram channel (usually small towns) to map/ validate according to a rotation around the island. The tasks also mixed urban and rural tasks for variety.

There were also Covid-19 compliant hangouts, which were recorded on weekends as follows:

The month had great engagement peaking with 5936 building edits in a single day. With strong participation throughout the month.
Mouse Mat Design
Mouse Mat Design
4 - Mouse Mats

The mouse mats were just ordered and will be sent out to mappers with over 10,000 buildings mapped.

Step 2. Outcome

Buildings Mapped in Ireland Course of the Microgrant
So far during the course of the Microgrant the community has mapped 207,426 buildings.

We envisage the growth will grow with the increased visibility of the project, through the stickers, mapathons, and other community engagement.

Step 3. Detail Report

Please report on your original project targets, use the below table to:

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
40,000 buildings a week target. We are currently averaging around 30,000 buildings a month
Double the amount of daily active mappers. We are currently averaging around 35 mappers per day
Increase the number of subscribers to OpenStreetMap Ireland to 50. Current membership is 36. Overall highest membership is 47. Some subscriptions expired in February 2021, but membership usually picks up around the AGM, usually in June.

Step 4. Learning


We had good success with the Mapvember Mapathon, which engaged with people through lockdown. Promoting and growing the community.

Following up from that we will be running another Mapathon.

It is envisaged that all place names influenced by St. Patrick, the patron saint of all Christian religions in Ireland, will be mapped on the the national holiday March 17th and the weekend following it. On this occasion the availability of merchandise, plus a promotional draw and interest in St. Patrick and Ireland will be brought together and we will utilise the advertising budget. To encourage mapping and the activation of new mappers osmIRL will publicise two daily hangouts. Eventbrite and the BigBlueButton will be used to help manage the events each day, and an hour of mapping tuition/chat offered to beginners and advanced users.

A task to map all the townlands bearing the nomenclature "Patrick" will be promoted on all social media channels.


The plan with the advertising is to use it in conjunction with a large community project, like the Mapvember Mapathon. However we wanted to wait for the stickers to be ready to contribute to the engagement so did not use it in that instance. But we have a number of Mapathons planned before the end of the grant period and will trialing the first advertising with the St. Patrick Mapathon. We will use that as a trial run, committing 1/3rd of the advertising budget, with the rest spent later in the year to coincide with another mapping event.

Step 5. Grant funds used

Stickers Pull up banners Mouse Mats Micro SD LinkedIn advertising Twitter advertising Total
Allocated: 600 180 360 156 300 400 1996
Spent: 321.41 0 380.48 40.43 0 0 742.32
Remaining: 278.59 180 -20.48 115.57 300 400 1253.68

Step 6. Unused funds

See step 5.

Step 7. Anything else?

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Step 9.

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