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OSM Ireland Buildings Final Report

Status and Report Type

type = final

status = submitted

Step 1. Methods and Activities

1 - Stickers

For the OSM Ireland Buildings project we are sending out stickers for mapping milestones. Tracked by the number of tiles completed in our tasking manager:


We initially organized a sticker design competition to engage the community in the design of the stickers:


Unfortunately we did not get any design responses. We did promote the competition on our mailing list, blog, telegram, and extensively on twitter.

Due to this one of the board members put forward a design, which was proceeded with. But this created a delay in getting the project rolling.
OSM Ireland Buildings sticker design
We were able to launch the project, and send out the first stickers in February:


With positive responses coming in from the community:


So far 67 stickers have been sent out. We hope to keep the remaining funds from the project to keep sending out stickers to people who apply for them.
Stickers sent out to mappers
2 - Pull up banners Two pull-up banners were acquired to promote the OpenStreetMap community and the OSM Ireland Buildings project. Design was done by one of the board members.
OSM Ireland Buildings Pull Up Banners
3 - Mouse Mats The mouse mats were ordered and sent out to mappers with over 10,000 buildings mapped in the OSM Ireland buildings project.
Mouse Mat Design
Mouse Mat Design
A total of 50 mouse mats were ordered, and 19 mappers so far have surpassed the 10,000 building eligibility threshold. We hope as the project continues more mappers become eligible. The mouse mats have been extremely well received by the community.
Mouse mats received by mappers

4 - SD Cards

In October OpenSteetMap Ireland ran a competition, with the top 5 Mapillary uploaders receiving a micro SD card to boost the Mapillary effort on the island. The cards were competed for by fifteen avid uploaders. The recipients we very pleased to receive the cards which increased their ability to store images.
Mapillary Photos in Ireland During October 2020: Source Mapillary
A similar promotion was run coming up to our Wild Atlantic Way mapping event, which resulted in the whole Wild Atlantic Way being captured as a relation on OpenStreetMap. https://twitter.com/osm_ie/status/1399089956354674698
Wild Atlantic Way relation. Mapped in total during our online mapping event.
In total 20 SD cards were acquired.

5 - LinkedIn advertising

Three advertising campaigns were run on LinkedIn.

The initial campaign was run as part of our Map Patrick event (during St Patricks Day weekend 2020), which unfortunately ended up with 0 engagement and 0 spend. The way the ad was constructed it targeted people based on their professional affiliations and professional interests, qualifications and skills, and on review osmIRL realised that LinkedIn is not used by these people on weekends and holidays

The second one was to promote the Wild Atlantic Way mapping event.

The WAW campaign on LinkedIn consisted of a promoted post on LinkedIn.

Promoted post:


Cost €86.93
Organic Paid Total Cost Per
Impressions 222 3,919 4,141 €0.02
Reactions 7 14 21 €6.21
Click-through rate 5.41% 1.15% 6.56%
Comments 0 0 0
Shares 2 0 2
Clicks 12 45 57 €1.93
Follows 0 0 0
Engagement rate 9.46% 3.62% 13.08%

The third LinkedIn advertising campaign was a general one to promote the community on LinkedIn.

6 - Twitter advertising

Two advertising campaigns were run on Twitter.

The initial one coincided with a campaign for mapping the Wild Atlantic Way (WAW), a popular tourist driving route along the west coast of Ireland.

The advertising campaign consisted of promoting one organic tweet, and a specific promoted tweet.

Organic Tweet Promotion:


Cost €8.61
Organic Paid Total Cost Per
Impressions 2467 1703 4170 €0.01
Engagements 89 47 136 €0.18
Likes 19 18 37 €0.48
Details expands 30 5 35 €1.72
Link clicks 15 11 26 €0.78
Retweets 13 6 19 €1.44
Media engagements 9 3 12 €2.87
Profile clicks 1 2 3 €4.31
Follows 2 2 €4.31
Replies 1 1
Hashtag clicks 1 1

Promoted tweet:


Cost €149.98
Organic Paid Total Cost Per
Impressions 3139 22864 26003 €0.01
Engagements 31 242 273 €0.62
Likes 2 48 50 €3.12
Details expands 9 22 31 €6.82
Link clicks 8 52 60 €2.88
Retweets 5 28 33 €5.36
Media engagements 2 61 63 €2.46
Profile clicks 3 12 15 €12.50
Follows 12 12 €12.50
Replies 2 2 €74.99
Hashtag clicks 2 5 7 €30.00

The second twitter advertising campaign was focused on building the community.

Step 2. Outcome

OpenStreetMap Ireland Buildings Progress so far

OpenStreetMap Ireland Buildings is a project aiming to map all of the buildings in Ireland. The project launched in January 2020. The mapping is being coordinated with a tasking manager at tasks.OpenStreetMap.ie.

The OSMF microgant funding came in early on in the project in September 2020.

1,666,328 buildings have been mapped so far in Ireland, with 701,678 added since the start of the project, with an additional 120,356 edited. This has been a great response.
Buildings added to OpenStreetMap in Ireland over time
The contributions have had a spatial distribution, with certain areas with more active mappers being more extensively mapped. However there has been activity all around Ireland. Our mapping events as well have focused on areas with less contributions.
New buildings added to OpenStreetMap during the Building Ireland project
The rate of contribution increased significantly once the project was initiated and the quality of the tagging has also improved. With the bulk of the additions being more detailed than a simple building=yes. The tag building=house has even surpassed building=yes as the most common building tag.
Buildings on OpenStreetMap with tag building=yes vs more detailed tagging
Overall there have been contributions from 2136 mappers across Ireland.
Each color represents the contributions of a single mapper

OpenStreetMap Ireland Microgrant

The community in Ireland ran three mapathons during the course of the microgrant to promote awareness of the project and foster the community.

The events were run online and covered a range of mapping tasks, but with a primary focus on mapping buildings.

The events generally had very good participation from the community with clear increases in building mapping activity.
Building Edits Per Day
Building Edits Per Day in Ireland over the course of the microgrant *Edits on 2021/07/24 include over 50k edits to: "Updated deprecated roof tags with building: (such as building:roof:shape) to their counterparts without building: - where new tags already existed, I removed the old ones".
452,182 buildings were mapped in Ireland during the course of the microgrant period. The average number of mappers also increased, however this increase was not significant.
Mappers per day in Ireland with trend line

Step 3. Detail Report

Please report on your original project targets, use the below table to:

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
40,000 buildings a week target. We are currently averaging around 37,000 buildings a month 452,182 buildings were mapped during the course of the microgrant.

During the course of the project so far the average number of buildings mapped per month has doubled compared to before the project.

Double the amount of daily active mappers. We are currently averaging around 35 mappers per day Growing the active mapper community has been a slow process and we did not achieve our goals.
Increase the number of subscribers to OpenStreetMap Ireland to 50. Current membership is 40. Overall highest membership peaked at 47 before some memberships expired in February 2021. We expect in person mapping events to increase membership further. We have also added two corporate members which has been great for the local chapters finances.

Step 4. Learning


We had good success with the Mapvember Mapathon, which engaged with people through lockdown. Promoting and growing the community.

There was perhaps some fatigue for online events in 2021.


Overall the results from the advertising were mixed. From a pure audience reach perspective the cost seems good, with only one cent per person advertised to.

From a cost per click perspective the spend was less successful. The cost was from €0.78 to €2.88 per click through to the website, which seems less value for money.

Overall from a mapper perspective there was no noticeable increase in the number of daily contributors .

The mapping projects chosen to promote may have played a part. The WAW project promoted by the LinkedIn and Twitter advertising was not a purely beginner one. The mapping involved adding roads to a relation, and even though we provided step by step instructions, this may have put some people off. Also the tasks on the tasking manager were slow to load. This was likely due to the quite complex boundaries used to split the tasks (townlands). We had a lot of success using townlands in our previous mapping event Map Patrick, but the WAW tasks had considerably more of them causing slow load times.


We have not had the engagement with the stickers as envisioned. We have tried to promote the availability. There might be more we could do, but are also open to feedback/suggestions on this front.

Step 5. Grant funds used

Stickers Pull up banners Mouse Mats Micro SD LinkedIn advertising Twitter advertising Total
Allocated: 600 180 360 156 300 400 1996
Spent: 372.48 192.37 380.48 144.88 367.19 294.68 1752.08
Remaining: 227.52 -12.37 -20.48 11.12 -67.19 105.32 243.92

Step 6. Unused funds

We would like to retain the remaining funds of €243.92. We still have a number of postage costs outstanding that are associated with the microgrant. These include sending out more stickers as people join the project and map tiles on our tasking manager. Also mouse mats as mappers cross the 10k buildings mapped threshold.

Step 7. Anything else?

On behalf of OpenStreetMap Ireland board and the whole OpenStreetMap Ireland community I would like to thank the microgrant committee and the OSMF board.

The microgrant has been very helpful at the start of our Buildings Ireland project. It has provided great motivation to the whole community, and contributed to the projects success so far. And has provided a great springboard for ongoing success.

Out SotM 2021 poster summarizes the progress in the project so war: https://files.osmfoundation.org/s/BD6HeiJiXTGkDMM

Step 8. Save your page

Press Save page and you've created your report. Thanks for helping improve OpenStreetMap!

Step 9.

One last step! Email microgrants, “ат”osmfoundation.org to notify us that your report is ready for review. Remember to include copies of your receipts!