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The Wild Atlantic Way (WAW) is a tourism route along the west coast of Ireland (Irish: Slí an Atlantaigh Fhiáin). Running from Donegal in the North to Cork in the South.

Wild Atlantic Way Sign.svg

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Online Map

You can check the Wild Atlantic Way on Fáilte Ireland.

Wild Atlantic Way relations

Wild Atlantic Way superroute relation Wild Atlantic Way Relation contains:

Part Relation Route Note Overpass-turbo link
Donegal relation 12753236 From X to X
Sligo Leitrim relation 12753432 From X to X
Mayo relation 12753433 From X to X
Galway relation 12761397 From X to X
Clare relation 12760022 From X to X
Kerry Limerick relation 12759493 From X to X
Cork relation 12759972 From X to X
All relations NOT the super relation http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/17W1

Relation mapping guide


To avoid editing conflicts, the relation has been split into smaller parts with the following tags:

name=Wild Atlantic Way - COUNTY


Type Role Tags Explanation Image
way (blank) or 'forward' or 'backward' highway=* the ways making up the route.
node guidepost tourism=information + information=guidepost For destination signs bearing the WAW symbol
node route_marker tourism=information + information=route_marker + name=Wild Atlantic Way:Name of location For the iron gallows shaped markers

Wild Atlantic Way Cleggan Harbour sign.jpg

node route_marker tourism=information + information=route_marker For signs only showing the WAW symbol with no destination indicated


Don't forget mapping the amenities (shelter, fountain, drinking water, bench, toilets, pharmacy... amenity=*), shops (shop=*) and other touristic features (hostel, camp, picnic_site, viewpoint... tourism=*) along the way that could have interest for the pilgrims, but WITHOUT including them into the relation.