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This is a list of minor UI things for the OSM web front end written by Gravitystorm. Some of them are obvious, some are less so, and some of them are just there to make developers / designers think about these kind of things. People tend to focus on the Front Page Design, but there's plenty of basic things to fix elsewhere.

Remaining items:

  • Diary entries - should have a link to that persons' diary
  • History - area links are unintelligible lat longs
  • Home - should be set and retrieved with a zoom level

Further items are listed on an October 2010 blog post Quick and dirty usability testing of OSM (again from Gravitystorm). These are UI problems and observations arising from the UCL Masters Student mapping party Sept 2010. Again TomH quickly fixed some of the issues.


These were fixed. (very quickly by TomH back in February)

  • Diary entries - should show picture of user beside comments
  • Diary entries - shouldn't show decimal coordinates. Show a map instead, or reverse geocode (see also ticket 1872 in trac)
  • User page - changing/deleting picture should be on settings
  • User page - Mapper since should have better timestamp format
  • User page - change my settings link is redundant
  • User page - Oauth changes should be in normal menu
  • User page - User image doesn't need the h2 "user image" above it
  • Main page - disabled links (e.g. edit) should have explanatory text in the mouseovers
  • Main page - disabled links should actually look disabled, not just italicised
  • User page - should show all friends on map