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MinvSKAddress is an import of address data provided by Ministry of Interior of Slovak republic. Idea to bring it to life came in 2017 when it has been found that the data were relicensed to CC-0 enabling its free use in OSM. Slovak mapping community agreed with the plan to import the data and more focused discussion and preparation activities started in December 2017.


Data come from https://data.gov.sk/dataset and are licensed under CC-0 which is fully compatible with ODbL (see Import/ODbL_Compatibility). Changeset will be tagged as follows:

comment = $MUNICIPALITY NAME$ - minvskaddress (by $USER$)
source = minvskaddress YYYY-MM


  • Already mapped housenumber (streetnumber and conscriptionnumber) takes precedense over data coming from this import unless the original data itself were imported from KaporSKAddress import
  • Municipalities may have more accurate data with less errors, if in doubt - consult their webpage
  • Make all your edits under a dedicated user minvaddress_bot putting your OSM nick into changeset comment
  • If in doubt, discuss first (osm_sk google group is a perfect place to do so)
  • KaporSKAddress is regarded as this import's predecessor with a slightly increased error rate and problematic updates. MinvSKAddress import will gradually replace it.

Tags affected

The import is affecting the following tags:

  • addr:conscriptionnumber
  • addr:streetnumber
  • addr:housenumber
  • addr:street
  • name (for streets)

Detailed plan is described in Slovak at Sk:MinvSKAddress.