Missing Maps Party London January 2015

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A Missing Maps Project event which took place in London on Tuesday 27th January 2015

Old Event details

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Tuesday 27th January 2015 | 1830-2130

Location: The British Red Cross offices in Moorgate. Click here for a map

Capacity: 50 mappers

Mapping remotely

You are more than welcome, as always to join us remotely in helping to fill the gaps in the missing maps.

Mapping tasks

In general you can Search for 'Missing Maps' in the Tasking Manager to get a list of current tasks.

But for this event we're particularly looking at:


The following links will help you get started and should answer a lot of technical questions you may have:

The HOT Tasking Manager

Mapping with iD (web-based and simpler, but slower and not as fun)

Mapping with JOSM (JAVA software needed, but faster and way more fun)


If you want to get in touch, please do so with the hashtag #MissingMapsHelp and, if they are free, someone will get in touch.