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The moderation mailing list was established in September 2009 to discuss the improvement and development of tools and social structures to protect the quality of the data in the OpenStreetMap project against vandalism and mistakes .


There are increasing number of appeals for reverts due to both vandalism and mistakes. This is to be expected as OpenStreetMap grows with a larger database of higher quality information and gains a wider public awareness. This does however raises questions about how the community responds to these counter-productive edits. When do we revert, who reverts and in what circumstances? When do we mentor new users and accept some poor edits during that process and when do we revert after asking and when do we revert immediately? How do we spot problems promptly, and what new tools and services do we need to create, how will, they work and who will create them? etc etc.

This list is to help develop good answers to these questions.


The list is to discuss what tools are needed, who will create them, what the guidelines for their use should be. It should not be used for discussing individual instances of vandalism unless it is helpful to do so as part of a process to improve the defenses. Individual instances should normally be discussed on an appropriate list relating to the data that has been damaged. PeterIto 09:22, 18 September 2009 (UTC)

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