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Mapping parties held in Multan, Pakistan.


Its time to get Multan mapped - our goal is to do a mapping a party a week.


for adding new events use the following format:

[[Multan/Mapping Parties/YYYY-MM-DD|Meeting Place]]

also add your party to Events page


Asif Rasul or email

Kashif Rasul or email

Shoaib Burq or email


Yes, please. :)

Tips for mappers & organisers

Read: Mapping_Weekend_Howto

Watch: OSM how-to videos

1. Print Aerial Photos
2. Print close up walking maps
3. Download a dump of OSM for the region in gpx on a USB (in case some one has a GPS that needs it)
4. Print Map Features description
5. Download JOSM on to USB
6. Email people a link to map compare ( so they can check out the area before they come 
7. Power board