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The Mumbai OpenStreetMap community is organising a mapping workshop at Studio X Mumbai on FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY from 2.00pm to 6.00pm for volunteers, citizens, and mapping enthusiasts in Mumbai.

We will train participants in making maps with OpenStreetMap (OSM), a world-wide community movement to create free and open base maps through public "crowd-sourcing".

The target audiences are those working in urban transport, planning and civic upliftment. This will be a hands-on training session on how to map your own streets, neighbourhoods, and environment in Mumbai.

The workshop is organised by GroundTruth Initiative, ChaloBEST and Walking Project, in the heart of historic South Mumbai overlooking VT/CST Station at Studio X.

Workshop Plan


Go all the way from survey planning and data collection, to editing, and map production, in one sprint!

  • Discussing of data collection for pedestrian, transport, and heritage mapping.
  • Surveying using GPS and mobile devices
  • Group Edit session using JOSM, Potlatch, and other OpenStreetMap authoring tools
  • Rendering of data using TileMill similar to [1]
  • Printing!

Data Collection

  • Collect existing tourist maps/articles and identify areas that need detailed ground mapping efforts and POI collection
  • Using Chalobest, identify transit centres for mapping public transport facilities
  • Try approaching postal authorities for information on pincodes and addressing
  • Approach MCGM for existing ward maps or list of available civic amenities


  • Tutorial on using GPS devices/walking papers for data collection (By Mikel)
  • Discuss mapping objectives and strategies
  • Prepare and provide mapping routes/pie diagrams for each participant

Editing OpenStreetMap

  • Familiarize participants with OSM tagging scheme and discuss any new tags specific to India.
  • Openstreetmap editing tutorial using JOSM and other tools (By Arun & Mikel)

Rendering & Printing

  • Arun will work on a stylesheet to render the collected data to make a final printed map using Tilemill

Participants & Organisers

  • Reetika Subramanian, Hindustan Times
  • Kabir Kukreti, ChaloBEST
  • Amey Katkar, OpenStreetMap India
  • Prasoon Kumar, Information Architect
  • Lallan Gupta, Graphic Designer
  • Matt Daniels, HNH!digital
  • Zohra Mutabanna, Transport Planner
  • Mikel Maron, GroundTruth Initiative
  • Arun Ganesh, OpenStreetMap India
  • Rishi Aggarwal, Walking Project
  • Sanjay Bhangar, CAMP
  • Shekhar Krishnan, ChaloBEST

Programme & RSVP

Programme is limited to a maximum of 20 (twenty) participants. All participants are requested to bring their own laptops or mobile devices. We will have 6 Garmin GPS units for borrowing. All are required to actively participate in computer-based mapping activities.

To confirm your participation, kindly send an email with your name, a few lines introducing yourself, and your contact number to Please RSVP as soon as possible! For more information, contact SHEKHAR KRISHNAN on +91.98200.45529.

Date, Time, Location

FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY from 2.00pm to 6.00pm at:

Studio X Mumbai 4th Floor, Kitab Mahal 192, D.N. Road (Dr Dadabhai Naoroji Road) Near VT/CST Station, Mumbai 400001

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