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MyTaH Page

Current version

Shortcut to current version (0.3, 20100224)

Release notes

  • Now monitoring also:
    • Number of tiles uploaded
    • Number of KB uploaded
    • Idle Time
    • Tiles remaining to gain a better rank
  • All the monitors are shown as a tooltip when the mouse is over the MyTaH extension
  • In the Preferences dialog you can select which monitor you want to see in the status bar
  • New option in the menu to update the data immediately
  • Now my account is no longer the default one. If no user account is requested in the preferences dialog a "no name" will appear in the status bar

What's MyTaH

Welcome to MyTaH (My Tiles@Home) Firefox extension wiki page.

This project aims at developing a little but cute Firefox extension to monitor your (or someone other!) own Tiles@Home activity.

At the moment you can monitor all your infos taken and parsed from this page, setting in the Preferences dialog window your username (be careful! Case sensitive!) or your t@h ID. Furthermore, you can choose how often the extension should update your ranking (in minutes) and which monitor to display in the status bar. Please set your user name or id in the preferences dialog.

Progress report


You can find latest code version in the SVN

Future expansions

Here I'm going to write down some ideas for the future, if you feel to add something just do it :) Please sign/date every wish with 4 tildes..

  • i18n
  • Select the wanted ranking (tiles, uploaded kb, last activity)
  • View the difference between your number of tiles/uploaded kb and some other nick, a fixed number, or just to have a better ranking
  • Shortcut to your personal page
  • Shortcut to the tile/s you're currently rendering
  • Other statistics read from your personal page
  • View last activity minutes/hours and change the icon if it's more than an interval set in the preferences, viewing data in a tooltip (suggested by Gian Paolo in talk-it list)
  • View "current active requests", with "client uuid" and "recently finished requests" (suggested by Gian Paolo in talk-it list)
  • When "client uuid" will be handled, give the possibility to enter a "label" for each client uuid (ex. "home", "work", "school", "laptop", etc)
  • Autoupdate, eventually registering in Firefox addon's repository
  • Selectable view in the statusbar (ranking and which ranking, number of tiles, client status etc)

Bug reporting

Feel free to add bugs you found Please sign/date every bug with 4 tildes..

Old versions

Version 0.1,20081216