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Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD)

The Ministry for Government Administration, Reform and church Affairs has created an english version of the standard Norwegian licence for Open Government Data (NLOD).

The Ministry recommends all data owners in the public sector to use the licence and we expect that the majority of Norwegian Public Sector Open data will be licenced under the NLOD.

According to §9 of NLOD, the license is compatible with Open Government Licence

The norwegian name for the license is "Norsk lisens for offentlige data (NLOD)".

The website for the license is The terms are summarized in Norwegian here.

Using NLOD data in OSM

Using NLOD licensed data in OpenStreetMap require explicit permission from the dataset owner - for the same reasons that CC-BY (4.0) and OGL does[1].

See No:Permissions for a list of datasets for which such permission have been granted.