Navigation and Micromapping Workshop Garching

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Members of the OpenStreetMap community with interest in advanced navigation solutions like line mapping, micromapping and area:highway development meet at the Navigation and Micromapping Workshop This meeting will address open/not well arranged advanced navigation questions in OSM.

  • 24-25.11.2012 begin 12.00
  • Garching near Munich (Germany/Bavaria) Place: Café am Rathaus.
  • Local contact: Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak


During the weekend we could talk about the most aspects.


Name Project From Arrival Accomodation
Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak description navigation systems Germany Garching,Poland by foot own flat
Tobias Knerr
Germany BY train from Passau Hotel Maria's Inn, Garching
Martin Vonwald (only Saturday) Austria by car Hotel Maria's Inn, Garching
Rafał Jachowicz TU Łódź OSM-4D Editor Poland by car Hotel Maria's Inn, Garching
Viktor Samokhin visitors Ukraine train own flat


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