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OpenStreetMap volunteers are mapping all of the buildings in New Orleans and we'd love your help!

Our volunteer-driven nonprofit mapping project is calling on local neighborhood experts and map enthusiasts to join our effort.

Starting this month we're working with building data provided by the City of New Orleans to get every structure in the city mapped. This will make our map richer and bring us closer to having the best, most complete and locally-relevant map of our city. (For example, an area with buildings we just added: the neighborhood near the fairgrounds)

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is like the Wikipedia of maps, where everyone can edit the neighborhood they know. We've shown around the world that our model of volunteer crowd-sourced map data can make for the best maps around. Also, making our own map can be educational and fun! Here's a map of some OSM accomplishments around the world:

On Wednesday January 28 we're getting together OSM mappers (experienced and new) and folks who want to learn more at the Rosa Keller Library / Community Center at 4300 S. Broad, corner of Napoleon Ave.

We'll start at 6pm and food will be provided. We're gonna show folks how to use our simple tools to get buildings mapped, and watch as our efforts make the map of our neighborhoods grow. If you can bring a laptop computer, please do. We will have a small number of extra computers for those who cannot bring one.


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4300 S. Broad, corner of Napoleon Ave

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