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This page describes a historic artifact in the history of OpenStreetMap. It does not reflect the current situation, but instead documents the historical concepts, issues, or ideas.
This page was last updated 13 years ago and contains out-of-date information.
Captured time

Natural features projects



Coastline has been completed for the major islands and for the Chatham and Kermadec Islands. This has mostly been completed using Prototype Global Shoreline (PGS) data and/or Yahoo! Aerial Imagery.

to do

The detail of the PGS data is not brilliant at higher zooms, it could possibly be improved if a better data source can be found or if the high detail Aerial Imagery becomes available for areas outside the major cities.
The remaining offshore islands still need coastline if a better data source can be found. The PGS data is not very good for them and high quality Aerial Imagery is not available.

  • Update: the LINZ vector coastlines are of fine detail. They have already been uploaded for the Chatham Islands and the NZ mainland will be next.

Rivers and lakes

Using terra data to improve the Central South Island river & lake boundarys as the MAF data is very coarse at best I'm not entirely happy with the braided rivers like Rakaia & Waimakariri as they render to big and look more like very long lakes. There was a feature proposal for braided rivers but I'm not what state it is at, any ideas how to better represent them would be welcome? --gerkin Aug 2009

-- these will be greatly improved by the import of the river polygons and shingle layers from the LINZ data bulk upload efforts. Please join us there instead of cleaning up MAF data which is just going to get replaced anyway. --Hamish Dec 2010

There now seems to be a problem with th rendering of some of the SI rivers in OpenCycleMap where the river bank boundarys are being exceeded (see: [1] Waimakariri Riv near Kaiapoi or Upper Rakaia etc.) This has prompted me to experiment with "creative tagging" to denote the riverbed using the "natural=beach" (sand) tag [2] - not ideal I agree but it has given me an idea that what we need is tag(s) like "dry_surface=gravel;natural=riverbed" that would render something like this [3] (the same as sand but with a light grey background) --gerkin Nov 2010

-- Do not tag incorrectly just to make the renderers happy. Instead tag to be as correct as possible, and let the renderers catch up. They can be improved and replaced centrally while the underlying data can't. Yes, it is frustrating to wait for them to mature, but they are steadily improving all the time. In the case of braided rivers I'd wait to see what the LINZ shingle layer will deliver; only tag as sand if it is in fact sand! cheers, --Hamish Dec 2010

Central South Island Lakes


Lakes: Clearwater, Camp, Heron, Lyndon, Pearson, Grassmere, Sarah, Marymere, Hawdon, Coleridge --gerkin Dec 2009

To do

add names
add any missing
check MAF Attribution - is it legal, some maf statistics are relatively free to re-use? is there more usable maf data?

Most lakes and rivers are now rendering ok but will need refining in quality as better imagery or gps traces become available. be replaced by better LINZ data.

Nelson & West Coast Lakes


Lakes: Kanerie, Mahinapua

To do

Nelson Lakes and coastal lakes from Westport to Haast --gerkin Nov 2009

Southern Lakes


Lakes: Ohau, Dunstan, Hawea, Pukaki, Wanaka; Hydro canals: Tekapo, Pukaki & Ohau & some of Lake Benmore --gerkin Aug 2009

To Do

Lakes: Tekapo, Aviemore, Waitaki, Wakatapu and lakes to the south, and lakes north of the Rangitata River? --gerkin Aug 2009

Mountains & Glaciers


Several of the major glaciers in the Mount Cook area, together with their terminal lakes added, also the Ramsay, Franz Josef & Fox Glaciers. Some Major peaks and alpine passes also although the "pass" symbol doesn't render --gerkin

To do

Still alot of peaks & passes but hoping to add more as I get the data. Have been adding South Island DOC tracks, routes, passes and huts etc. as I get the traces, particularly in the Arthurs Pass area --gerkin

Volcanoes/other geothermal activity

[4] for all volcanoes in new zealand

Auckland region volcanoes

There are 40+ volcanoes in the auckland region; some of auckland's volcanoes
this map may also be useful: akl volcanoes, c. 1859
see Proposed_features/Volcano for more info on tagging

Taupo volcanic zone

see [5] for more info, and a list of volcanoes and thermal zones

Man-made features projects

Administrative borders


Most provincial borders

To do

can boundary data be obtained and used, direct from local councils?
add name data to provincial borders
add other borders: city/district/unitary region, suburb, postcode, ...
develop admin_level values for the various levels of administrative areas, for new zealand see Key:boundary and Talk:Key:boundary for concept and examples from other countries

the boundaries of Auckland, Waikato and possibly Northland will change in November 2010. We are well placed to be the first org providing data to the public to reflect this

National Territorial Boundaries

obtain data on position of national border (according to a discussion on the osm-talk mailing list, it's not the coastline)

i recall that border is determined by depth of the ocean floor? can we determine the border from suitable free ocean depth data?
-- That is partly right, but mostly wrong. See EEZ extending beyond 200nm in areas of continental shelf which follows. This is a matter for the world courts and negotiations, not for OSM to decide based on bathymetry (FYI you want the 'Smith & Sandwell' dataset for ocean depths) --Hamish
elsewhere it is a minimum of 12 nautical miles

see [6]

NZ Territorial Waters[7] are defined as 12 nautical miles from a base line, but this can cut across bays beyond that limit. These are the Regional Council boundaries available for download as CC-by-A 3.0 licensed shapefiles from the Statistics NZ website.

Our Exclusive Economic Zone[8],[9] is 200nm. There is work under way to expand the size further based on our continental shelf.

  • Look for shapefiles defining these cadastral bounds on the website.

State Highways


Quite a lot of the State Highway network has been mapped but tagging is inconsistent and there are sections where they either mapped but not tagged or not mapped at all.

To do

Come to a consensus on tagging. See Talk:WikiProject_New_Zealand#Proposal:_State_Highway_1-9_as_highway.3Dtrunk page for more details on whats being proposed.
Add Route relations to all the ways that make up individual highways.
Map the bits that are not mapped.
Tag the bits that are not tagged.
See WikiProject_New_Zealand_State_Highways for an effort to keep track of the status of each highway in osm.

Rail Network

Main article: WikiProject New Zealand railways


general extent of Auckland Region local network
all Auckland, most manukau and most waitakere stations
wiri inland port

To do

rest of stations in manukau and waitakere
Tranz-Alpine railway
Route and stations along East Coast of the South Island
Route and stations north of auckland to helensville and whangerei (beyond?)
route and stations across north island, to tauranga and wellington
wellington local network
marshalling yards/sidings at westfield (akl)
finish twin-tracking of the Auckland Region network
new station at New Lynn
sidings at parnell and in auckland docks

Nga Haerenga - The New Zealand Cycle Trail

The Government announced a National cycleway building programme in 2009, aimed mainly at tourists. It would be wonderful if we could be the first to include this in our maps.

See here for more info:

The first phase of trails are:

  • Central North Island Rail Trail
  • Hauraki Plains Trail
  • Hokianga to Opua/Russell
  • Mount Ruapehu to Whanganui
  • Saint James Trail
  • Southland Around the Mountain Rail Trail
  • Waikato River Trail
    • under construction

National Parks

  • Abel Tasman
    • done
  • Aoraki/Mount Cook
  • Arthur's Pass
  • Egmont
    • done
  • Fiordland
  • Kahurangi
  • Mount Aspiring
  • Nelson Lakes
  • Paparoa
  • Rakiura
  • Te Urewera
  • Tongariro
  • Westland
  • Whanganui


  • How to tag small natural, historic, wilderness, and scientific reserves which are official but not national parks?
  • Similarly, how to tag marine reserves?

See also


Walking trails

New Zealand is renowned for its walking trails - many hikers visit the country specifically to tramp routes such as the Routeburn track, the Heaphy Track and the Tongariro Crossing

See!-40.8652!171.2245 for hiking routes in NZ which have already been mapped.

Te Araroa

Te Araroa is a collection of walking trails stretching the length of the country, from Cape Reinga to Bluff. It is due to open as a complete route in late 2011

see here for more information

It comprises various tracks, some of which (such as the Coast-to-coast in Auckland) have already been mapped.

Auckland tracks

walking tacks already/partially mapped [10]

Coast to Coast

This urban route traverses the Auckland isthmus, from the Viaduct to Onehunga. It is complete. Part of Te Araroa

Manukau coastal walkway

A collection of walks along the north shore of Manukau harbour, stretching from Onehunga to Blockhouse Bay.
Partially completed.

North Shore Coastal Walkway

A route along the coast, from long bay to Devonport. A small part is complete. Part of Te Araroa

Point England walkway

A route from Saint Johns road in Meadowbank through various urban parks to the Tamaki Estuary at Point England.

Point to Point walkway

A collection of walking trails on the banks of the Tamaki Estuary, between Saint Heliers and Point England.
Mostly complete.