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Night of the living maps is a global mapping event, but it consists of people organising the local events.

So here is a how to get started with your own event:

Yes check.svgInvited local mappers? Announced to media?
Yes check.svg Got IT equipment? (Laptops, mouses, projector, cables, Wifi, power connector...)
Yes check.svg Added a Template:Night of the living maps to your local wiki page for your city?
Yes check.svg Added a Template:User notlm to your user page?
Yes check.svg Got digicam, webcam, printed maps?
Yes check.svg Got junk food and coffee?
  1. Find a good location (ideally with a computer pool)
  2. Activate your local mapping community (you need to delegate jobs)
  3. Print a giant map of your state or region (for coordination of the teamwork)
  4. Try to find local sponsors
  5. Contact local media (you want to get attention or some cool radio music while mapping)
  6. Print posters, flyers, contact everybody that might be interested
  7. Occupy your room, put out directions (e.g. hints on the floor)
  8. DO MAPPING :)

How to get your event on the NOTLM map:

In order for mappers close by to find your party, let it show up on the worldwide NOTML map.

Just use a Template:Night of the living maps on the OSM-wiki page where you announce the party (e.g. your city's wiki page) and put in the required information. The user:UserGroupsBot searches the OSM wiki periodically for the template and eventually puts your party locations on the map, too.