North East Derbyshire

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North East Derbyshire, Derbyshire
latitude: 53.21, longitude: -1.4225
Browse map of North East Derbyshire 53°12′36.00″ N, 1°25′21.00″ W
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North East Derbyshire is a district in Derbyshire at latitude 53°12′36.00″ North, longitude 1°25′21.00″ West.

See relation 108320 for the boundary relation

North East Derbyshire is a district in the county of Derbyshire. It includes areas north, west and south of Chesterfield, but does not include Chesterfield itself.


Hiking, Biking and Horseriding Trails

The Five_Pits_Trail runs through the south of the district, along with related walking trails.

In the north, around Dronfield, there's the Dronfield Rotary Walk, the Round Holmesfield Walk and the Frith Wood, Summerley and Unstone Walk. Roughly following the course of the River Drone there's the Drone Valley Way. The North Chesterfield Way runs from Chesterfield to Dronfield. The Sheffield Country Walk and A Walk on the Wild Side also run through the north of the district.

To the west of Chesterfield, there's the Linacre and Cordwell Valleys Circular Walk. To the northwest, the GHB Ward Walk runs from Holmesfield to Fox House and back.

The South Chesterfield Way runs from Chesterfield to Clay Cross.