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A number of re-development projects will be affecting the whole Broadmarsh area from 2016 onwards. This page aims to try & keep track of some of them.

Bus Station Demolition

Bus and Coach services at Broadmarsh Bus Station ceased 7th July 2017, and Car Park and other facilities are due to close soon in order for demolition to proceed.

The major initial changes will be in bus routes. The following are affected:

  • Indigo, Route apparently curtailed with services starting & stopping in Friar Lane. Checked & relation updated.
  • i4: as above. Checked, updates not yet done.
  • eighteen (& 21): as above, but terminus on Beastmarket Hill
  • Keyworth Connection (now branded "the Keyworth" on some buses.)
  • Cotgrave Connection (now branded "the Cotgrave" on at least one bus)
  • y5: as Indigo, Checked, not yet updated.
  • 19 (Melton & Oakham)
  • National Express services - temporary stops outside Capital One.
  • Some NCT services will change their stop on Collins St to the one under the car park
  • V2 Rushcliffe Villager to cease, Dunn Line 802 due to replace it for parts of the route (Did this and Bingham Express use the Broadmarsh?)

Other facilities will presumably close:

  • National Express & Barton ticket/information offices. - Nat Ex Closed, location of temporarily one in Milk Dock mapped. Trent Barton AIUI are at Vic Centre Bus Station only for the duration, as is Nottingham City Council
  • Left Luggage lockers - Removed and Mapped
  • Newsagent - was closed on day 1, but open 21/07/2017 - Bus Station now inaccessible, closed.
  • Toilet - Closed
  • Car Park Entrance in bus station - still open 21/07/2017. Closed
  • Car Park - New site at Broadmarsh East kinda mapped. Sherrifs Lodge Mapped. broadmarsh closed.

Footways likely to affected:

  • Broadmarsh entrance to Tanners Walk - Still Open 23/08
  • Tunnel under Weekday Cross from Sussex Street - The new car park links to this entrance so presumably something will stay open - however the old Breakers and neighbouring unit are now freshly boarded up - possible temporary entrance like we had at Vic Centre? - Still Open 23/08
  • Subway under Collin Street - Now closed, and AIUI will not be reopening.
  • Path inside the bus station from Canal Street to side entrance - Closed.
  • I think that Carrington Street (N) is also due to close for buses- - Still Open 23/08, but taxi rank suspended as has cycle track and everything to east of centre line.

Footpath/Road Layout Changes to support closure of Canal Street / Collin Street

  • Gyratory round the car park down to two lanes thoughout.
  • London Road near BBC Island - now three lanes southbound from BBC Island to Queen's Drive with bizarre lane-4 cycle only lane
  • Canal Street - now down to two lanes under tram viaduct
  • Castle Boulevard to be part of diversion route, 9 weeks of widening works commence at Roundabout with Abbey Bridge 24 July
  • Numerous kerbs installed in the middle of roads to limit right turning - e.g. on Queen's Drive, London Road, and Canal Street
  • Lots of Double Red Lines recently Installed in the city
  • On Sussex Street at the Contemporary end some new footpaths have been laid and District Heating works are ongoing - not sure if those paths are temporary for those or a realignment. - Were used for District Heating works, still open even though works have ceased.

Other Nearby Developments

  • Unity Square - Demolition now underway, due for completion October with construction to commence in the new year.
  • Fellow Morton & Clayton is advertising they are reopening soon.