Nottingham/Mapping Meetup/New Year 2017

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Location is to be decided:

Current candidates are:

  • Scalford: Leicestershire Wolds. There are many unmapped footpaths heading towards Eastwell, Waltham-on-the-Wolds and Holwell which provide good shortish loops without covering the same ground. Other villages in the area, for instance Long Clawson down the scarp in the Vale of Belvoir, need work too. Scalford is around 1h20min from Birmingham and rather quicker from Coventry, and about 30 minutes from Nottingham. The Kings Arms in Scalford way 228649045 is suitable for lunch and was OK in Feb, with a FHRS rating of 4 in March.
  • Yoxall: slightly further S in Staffordshire compared with our previous two locations. Around 50 mins from Coventry, 45 from Brum and an hour from Nottingham.

Event Details

The New Year mapping meeting will follow on from the successful format of the previous two meetingsmeeting, and again will be focussed on mapping footpaths and other rights of way. A lunch time pub stop also gives other interested people a chance to join the group. This time we will be in South Staffordshire, or the Leicestershire Wolds. Both areas which are relatively poorly mapped with much added from old maps and aerial images.

  • Morning Meeting Point: to be decided
  • Lunch & Afternoon Meeting Point: to be decided

The format is as follows, with 3 discrete activities which allows people to participate in 1 or 2 if they wish:

  • 10:30: Meet for morning footpath session (either together or splitting up to maximise area covered)
  • 12:30-13:00: Pub lunch (pub lunch, some walkers may arrive a bit after 12:30)
  • 14:00-14:30: Further footpath or other mapping sessions.

Mapping Objectives

  • Public Rights of Way. Umap instances will be provided to see what might be missing. There are several possible loops from both current possibilites, but also from nearby points (some may be awkward for parking, the availability of more than one car means that these might be specifically useful targets).
  • Villages. Plenty of detail missing in villages in the area.
  • Better Photos, Mapillary sequences to assist interpretation of aerial imagery, maps for remote mapping of the area.

Useful sources of Info

  • Wikipedia accounts of villages.