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Bus Routes

This is a manually created list of the bus routes and their relation id in OpenStreetMap. It may not be a complete map but could be used to show how well mapped the route is. If you believe the map to be completely mapped in the relation, please mark it as such.

See [1] for a list of all bus operators in Nottingham.

Nottingham City Transport

NCT's own list of buses is here

Navy Line

Green Line - #00945E

Maroon Line

Along Castle Boulevard to Beeston /Chilwell

Brown Line

Core route from City along Mansfield Road, Hucknall Road to Bestwood, Top Valley and Rise Park

Lilac Line

Core route from City along Carlton Road to Carlton, Gedling and Mapperley Top

Pink Line

Core Route from City along Ilkeston Road to Wollaton and Bilborough areas

Orange Line

Core route is from Victoria Centre (outside John Lewis) down Derby Road to QMC.

Blue Line

Red Line

Core route from King Street towards Mapperley and Sneinton. 44/45 used to be a circular route the numbers denoting clockwise/anti-clockwise, but they have now been separated into two routes. The defunct Premiere 7 was added as 47 to this group. The 45 given the sky blue colour.

Sky-blue Line

Lime Line

Core route from the City along Mansfield Road to Arnold area

Yellow Line

Core route from City along Mansfield Road, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham Road to Bulwell area. Routes 70 & 71 continued to Arnold, but these routes were curtailed in 2012 and the route 79 extended as a replacement service.

Turquoise Line

Core route from City along Alfreton Road, and either Aspley Lane or Nuthall Road to Aspley, Strelley, and Broxtowe

Purple Line



City Link

Local Link

Work Link

School Buses

Other NCT

AOT Coaches




Marshalls Coaches

Nottingham City Council

Shop Link

Operated by Silverdale on behalf of Nottingham City Council


Paul Jones (Veolia)

Trent Barton


Fortunately we'd failed to map many of Premier's routes before they went bust in January 2013!



To be sorted

Please move these to the appropriate operator and fill in any missing details.

Tagging Routes

Create a relation with the following tags

  • type = route
  • route = bus
  • network = NCT Go2, NCT Ntwk, NCT Link
  • name = Go2 #, Bridgford Bus, Network #
  • operator = Nottingham City Transport
  • ref = # - Number shown on destination blind - e.g. 11, 11C, Skylink
  • wheelchair = yes/no - Is the route generally wheelchair accessible?
  • colour - The routes colour

I've also been adding destination:in and destination:out with the text displayed on the blinds in-case an official tag comes along.