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Author: deltabrasil
Platform: Web
Status: Broken
Version: 1.0 (2011-03-02)
Language: English
Website: http://osm2facebook.openstreetmap.ggf.br/

Posts your changesets to the facebook wall and helps to deploy OpenStreetMap in Social-Networks.

OSM2Facebook is a web based tool which checks in intervals if you made new changes on OpenStreetMap. If you do it will post the changes to your Facebook wall.


To post the changesets to your Facebook wall simply click on the URL and enter your current OpenStreetMap username. We will verify after the submit that the username exists and get your current User-ID and save it in the database. After this you will be redirected for OAuth Authorisation to Facebook. After you accept you'll be redirected to our page telling you that all future edits will be posted to your Facebook wall. The application will ask for Offline Access and Publishing Permissions.

Revoke the Authorisation

You can simply revoke the autorisation by accesing your Facebook Application Permissions: My Account -> Privacy Settings -> Applications and Websites -> Edit. If you do that our servers are notified from the Facebook Servers.


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