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About Me
OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
[[Image:|43px]] Deltabrasil uses a Nokia N900 and is willing to answer questions on it from OSM users.
[[Image:|43px]] Deltabrasil uses a Nokia 5800 and is willing to answer questions on it from OSM users.
Merkaartor Deltabrasil submits data to OpenStreetMap using Merkaartor.
OSM2Go Deltabrasil submits data to OpenStreetMap using OSM2Go.
Flag of Brazil.svg Deltabrasil has mapped in Brazil.
Flag of Germany.svg Deltabrasil has mapped in Germany.
Flag of Tuvalu.svg Deltabrasil has mapped in Tuvalu.
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About me

I am living in Salvador, Bahia and mapping over there and the towns around. Right now, Salvador has a way more better coverage, but there are still missing a lot of POI and street names. Hopefully i will add them.

The mapping of a big city - almost alone is harder than i thought but anyway i like to help on OpenStreetMap.

Imports and edits


As of now i did the following imports:

never ending story ...


The following imports are to come:

... and hopefully MORE!


I have a lot of projects on the internet. Currently i am developing a Windows Application to collect POI for OpenStreetMap on the Go while driving with a notebook and a GPS Reciever on the road. It will even have the ability to take pictures and save them to a Webserver. As of now the project is still in development and a Alpha will be realesed in February.

Copyright & ODBL

Public domain
All my contributions to OpenStreetMap are released into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible, I grant anyone the right to use my contributions for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

I agree to ODBL but prefer to have it public domain. You can use my and others contribution whenever and foir whatever you wish...