Ponta Grossa

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Ponta Grossa, Paraná
GD: -25.09 -50.16
GMS: 25°05′24.00″ S 50°09′36.00″ W
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Controle de qualidade

Extração de dados

Outras ferramentas

Ponta Grossa é um município em Paraná.

Finally the "Prefeitura" allowed to use the shapefiles provided by the city of Ponta Grossa to be used in OpenStreetMap. However you should tag the Government as the source for the data (please use source=Prefeitura de Ponta Grossa - PR).

The shapefiles on the Website are in EPSG:29192 Projection, so use it. Merkaartor is able to import this shape files as of Version0.17-svn (0.17-dev-109-gc07011), before it will crash due to missing projection file (.prj).

Current Map of Ponta Grossa

Import of Data

The following changes to Ponta Grossa will be done by importing the Data of the "Prefeitura" (see Permission):

Import complete
As of now, the import is complete, if there will be some other data available, feel free to import.