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OSMFuel was an application that makes OpenStreetMap work for you. It allows you to look up fuel stations in a closed by area and their gas prices; as well as contribute to keeping the prices data up to date. Using OSMFuel, it becomes easier for you to find where the cheapest fuel is and share that information with your fellow OSMFuel users.

Development is still at an early stage. We are planning to develop native code implementation of OSMFuel for Android and iPhone. For the moment, you can check the web implementation on http://www.osmfuel.org. It requires Google Gears to get the location, otherwise the desktop version will be used.

Current Status

*Status unknown. As of 2016-08-24, site appears to be offline.

On OSMFuel a web based application is served. Currently there are some weaknesses. In order to realize the best user experience they need to be fixed.

Mobile version:

  • Location precision: Google Gears based location accuracy is fine in the city, on country side mobile cells are to big and accuracy to coarse
  • Static map not as usable as a slippy one
  • Web app.: presentation and data goes over the network. Due to high network latency this does not give a responsive user interface
  • Distance of estimated location and fuel stations is line of sight distance, not routing distance

Desktop version:

  • Coloring of search results based on their timeliness
  • OSM based routing, presentation (likely cloudmade) and geocoders

Help highly appreciated:

  • Want to get the cloudmade slippy map running but face some problems on http://www.osmfuel.org/cm. Can somebody give me a hint?

Cleaning up

Fuel tagging is error prone and tags are used ahead of discussion. I tried to simplify and reduce the amount of tags. E.g. by downgrading one octane to a well known sort. Input is appreciated for naming classes, e.g. representing octane oil mix 1_25, 1_50 or 1_33 for 2 cycle engines and chainsaws.

The following is found in the planet-100210 file:

fuel:HGV_disel maps to HGV_diesel

fuel_biodiesel maps to biodiesel

fuel:bioethanol maps to e85

fuel:super_petrol maps to octane_95

fuel:adblue maps to AdBlue

fuel_HGV_diesel maps to HGV_diesel

fuel:truck_diesel maps to HGV_diesel

fuel:octane 98 maps to octane_98

fuel:biodiesel maps to biodiesel

fuel:octane 95 maps to octane_95

fuel:methanol maps to methanol

fuel:gasoline maps to octane_95

fuel:propan maps to propane

fuel_octane_85 maps to octane_85

fuel:octane_95 maps to octane_95

fuel:1_33 maps to 1_33

fuel:AdBlue maps to AdBlue

fuel:octan95 maps to octane_95

fuel:bioethanol_E85 maps to e85

fuel:lpg maps to lpg

fuel:svo maps to svo

fuel_erdgas maps to cng

fuel_octane maps to octane_95

fuel_octane_95 maps to octane_95

fuel.octane_98 maps to octane_98

fuel:HGV_diesel maps to HGV_diesel

fuel_octane_91 maps to octane_91

fuel:diesel maps to diesel

fuel_octane_98 maps to octane_98

fuel:octane_100 maps to octane_100

fuel_bioethanol_E85 maps to e85

fuel:e85 maps to e85

fuel:straw maps to

fuel_petrol maps to octane_95

fuel:petrol maps to octane_95

fuel:E85 maps to e85

fuel:e10 maps to e10

fuel:GTL_fuel:diesel maps to GTL_diesel

fuel_svo maps to svo

fuel:octane91 maps to octane_91

fuel_diesel maps to diesel

fuel_lng maps to lpg

fuel:octane95 maps to octane_95

fuel:octane98 maps to octane_98

fuel_gasoline maps to octane_95

fuel_biogas maps to biogas

fuel:1_25 maps to 1_25

fuel_GPL maps to lpg

fuel:disel maps to diesel

fuel_lpg maps to lpg

fuel_diesel_dutyfree maps to diesel

fuel:propane maps to propane

fuel:LH2 maps to LH2

fuel:GTL_diesel maps to GTL_diesel

fuel:fuel:diesel maps to diesel

fuel:biogas maps to biogas

fuel_adblue maps to AdBlue

fuel_e85 maps to e85

fuel:hgv_diesel maps to HGV_diesel

fuel:hydrogen maps to LH2

fuel:electricity maps to electricity

fuel_1_25 maps to 1_25

fuel:lgp maps to lpg

fuel:ethanol maps to ethanol

fuel:octane_98 maps to octane_98

fuel:octane_99 maps to octane_98

fuel_hydrogen maps to LH2

fuel_cng maps to cng

fuel:octane_91 maps to octane_91

fuel:octane_92 maps to octane_91

fuel:octane_93 maps to octane_91

fuel:autogas maps to lpg

fuel:octane_96 maps to octane_95

fuel:octane_97 maps to octane_97

fuel_bioethanol maps to e85

fuel:octane_80 maps to octane_80

fuel_super_petrol maps to octane_95

fuel:cetane_60 maps to cetane_60

fuel:octane maps to octane_85

fuel:lng maps to lpg

fuel:1_50 maps to 1_50

fuel:octane_87 maps to octane_87

fuel_1_50 maps to 1_50

fuel:octane_85 maps to octane_85

fuel:cng maps to cng

fuel:erdgas maps to cng

fuel_octane_100 maps to octane_100

fuel:octane_89 maps to octane_89

Potential features

Take features:

  • Find cheapest fuel within range
  • Find closest gas station of a certain operator
  • Find certain operator/cheapest fuel along a route, ordered by detour

Give features:

  • Tag a fuel station within seconds
  • Update fuel prices of a fuel station using lat/lng tagged photos of price board
  • Photo gallery (price board) of presently unknown fuel stations (similar to GPX tracks)

Integration feature:

  • Pragmatic API and OSM license for easy integration into other OSM services

Features Android native client

  • Location based query for fuel stations in the vicinity, display as:
    • List for one hand usage
    • Map (using osmdroid)
  • Metadata updating
    • Manual metadata updater
      • Increment/Decrement
      • Slider
    • Price Board Photo updating (making a location tagged picture which is sent to the db, detection is done elsewhere)
  • Downloadable locals (does this work conveniently with Android?)


  • Separating presentation and data using native clients, e.g. Android mobile phone using osmdroid based slippy map
  • List/Map based representation of search results
  • Translation of fuel tags into country specific terms
  • XML result handler for easy backward propagation into planet.osm
  • Use OpenCV for recognizing photos of fuel prices
  • Cleanup of interfaces for easier client interaction (from custom data format to JSON)