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Available languages — OSMZmiany
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Screenshot of OSMZmiany
Authors: dotevo, ToeBee
License: Free?
Platform: Java
Website: https://github.com/ToeBee/OSMZmiany
Source code: https://github.com/ToeBee/OSMZmiany
Programming language: Java

A tool to view node edits in near real-time


OSMZmiany is a tool to monitor editing activity. It is similar to and based upon LiveMapViewer but has some additional features:

  • Load edits from the past
  • Filtering options (user and bounding box)
  • Customizable URL to load diffs from
  • Display of basic edited object information within the application (user/changeset)
  • Ability to fire up either Potlatch2 or JOSM to inspect the area currently in view.


Basic usage is to just fire up the executable JAR file and let it download minutely diff files. It will then display any new, changed or deleted nodes as dots on the map. They can be clicked on for additional information. Since it is using minutely diffs, edits will appear in near real-time, as they are uploaded to the OSM database.


  • Does not automatically clear out old data. This means it builds up in memory and the application gradually gets slower to use until some data is cleared out using the "Clear" button.
  • Only shows edited nodes. Tag edits on ways or relations are not displayed.


Original adaptation from LiveMapViewer was done by Adam Jordanek with a few more recent updates and enhancements added by Toby Murray. The most recent code is available on github at https://github.com/Dotevo/OSMZmiany

See also

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