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An unofficial bookmarklet (see this page's history for authors) tested only with Firefox (edit this if you tested in another browser).

Run this on a page (/history page works too) of a node, way or relation (elements) – example. The bookmarklet opens the deep diff page (example) in a new tab.

javascript:var urlParts = document.location.href.split('/'); if (urlParts[2] === 'www.openstreetmap.org') {     switch (urlParts[3]) {         case "node":         case "way":         case "relation":         	var idMatch = urlParts[4].match(/\d+/);         	var objId = idMatch[0];             (function() {                 window.open('https://osmlab.github.io/osm-deep-history/#/' + encodeURIComponent(urlParts[3]) + '/' + encodeURIComponent(objId));             })();             break;         default:             alert('Only nodes, ways and relation histories can be inspected.');             break;     } } else {     alert('This is not a supported www.openstreetmap.org page.'); }