OSM History Viewer (by PeWu)

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OSM History Viewer (by PeWu)
Author: PeWu/osm-history/graphs/contributors
Platform: Web
Status: Active
Website: pewu.github.io/osm-history
Source code: PeWu/osm-history

OpenStreetMap history viewer

OSM History Viewer (by PeWu) version list.png

OSM History Viewer (by PeWu) (pewu.github.io/osm-history) is an object change monitoring tool

  • to visualise the changes of an object for different versions
  • to analyse the history of an object (which is captured in form of one of these elements node, way, relation) regarding added, modified and removed tags

Editor integration

Editor Screenshot Description
JOSM and PeWu.png
Select an object and press keys Ctrl+H, open the drop down menu next to Changeset button and select Open OSM History Viewer (Pewu)
ID and PeWu.png
Select an object and press keys Ctrl+Shift+H and hit the blue link PeWu


A bookmarklet is available. See pewu.github.io/osm-history --> "Bookmarklet" or /Bookmarklet

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