OSM Indoor Meeting 2023-12-08

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Previous meeting: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Indoor_Meeting_2023-09-14

Tactile guidance / Tactile paving

Tactile maps

  • thin vs thick wall model?
  • walls as ways with a width tag, or as full geometry? where exactly to draw the line?
  • important to agree on one model
  • which way is easier for mappers?

Indoor Mapping with iPhone Lidar sensor

  • range up to 5m
  • Christoph is experimenting with this
  • seems promising for measuring/mapping indoor topology
  • TU Dresden also made experiments with TurtleBot Lidar mapping


FOSSGIS Konferenz

Next meeting

  • end of February/early March
  • do the next poll like the current one but use that to pick a fixed day of week and time for future meetups as well
  • do the next poll ASAP
  • propose topics on the mailinglist

BIM/GIS mapping research