OSM Map On Garmin/WINE MapSource

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If you have a device not supported by sendmap or QLandKarte, you may be able to get MapSource running in wine to transfer your maps.

HOWTO taken from http://hboeck.de/archives/636-Routable-OSM-maps-on-Garmin-with-MapSource-WINE.html

Steps to do:

  • Download MapSource_6137.exe from the Garmin webpage.
  • Use 7-Zip to unpack the exe to some directory: 7z x MapSource_6137.exe
  • Install MAIN.msi: wine start MAIN.msi
  • Install MapSource: wine MapSource.exe
  • Get one of the MapSource Installers from here and install it: wine Setup_OSM-Germany-2008-06-11.exe
  • wine doesn't support usb, so you need the garmin_gps module. If it's installed on your system, it should load automatically after attaching your device and switching it on.
  • You should now have a device ttyUSB0, which you need to symlink as com1 for wine: ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1
  • Run MapSource: wine ~/.wine/drive_c/MapSource/MapSource.exe
  • Go to Settings -> Transfer, there you can select a serial port. Select COM1.
  • Click the map selection tool from the buttons and select an area.
  • Select Transfer -> Transfer to device. If everything went fine, it'll detect your garmin device attached to the serial port and you can start your upload.