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OSM Philippines Community was one of the reciepients of the Booster Grants by the Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific last October 2021. This project is partnered with Smart CT and aims to boost the activities of the local OSM community in the Philippines. The total amount of the Booster Grant is $25,000.00 which will be divided into four (4) tranches.

Proposed Projects

Pista ng Mapa (Festival of Maps)

is a free (as in cost and freedom) and open outreach activity to generate public interest, advocate the use of open (geo) data, promote free and open source software for geospatial (FOSS4G) applications, gather and grow enthusiasts, users in the public and private sector, and local communities in the Philippines, outside of the capital region Metro Manila. It is organized by volunteer advocates from the local OpenStreetMap, OSGeo/FOSS4G, and other map-py communities.

Pista ng Mapa 2021

Facebook Page

Proposed Expenses for the Booster Grant Sponsorships
Item PHP Cost USD Cost Purpose
ZOOM Account PhP 8,500.00 $ 169.29 For video conferencing
Gather. Town Account PhP 8,000.00 $ 159.33 For socialization event
Map Making Contest Prize Money PhP 30,000.00 $ 597.49 Prizes for winners in Map making Contest
Internet Access Grant/ Volunteer Stipends PhP 15,000.00 $ 298.75 Provisions for participants and conference volunteers
Presenter’s Cash Incentive PhP 40,000.00

$ 796.65 Provisions for presenters in conference
TOTAL PhP 101,500.00 $ 2,021.50

Drone and GPS Trainings

In order to boost data quality and advance mapping skills, the facilitating proposed to develop and implement a training proposal linked towards mapping a community in 3 separate areas away from Metro Manila. The focus of this project is to capacitate local OSM communities to acquire, learn, and share their skills in using devices (drones and GPS units). This will allow to stimulate local interest for interested individuals and enthusiasts in other parts of the country.

This project will have the following phases

  1. Purchase of Equipment - each campaign site will be provided 1 drone for aerial imagery capture
  2. Conduct Training for local capacitiy - this will be a 2-day training to teach local community members/OSM members on how to 1) capture drone imagery - uploading via OAM - and creating a tasking manager project; and 2) collect GPS points - uploading to OpenStreetMap.
  3. Mapping a Target Community
  4. Setting a equipment sharing scheme
Costing Proposed Area Possible Partner
1 Luzon Campaign P 150,000 with equipment Laguna UP Resilience YouthMappers

UP Dept. of Geography

UP Pahinungod

Tarlac State University

2 Visayas Campaign P 175,000 with equipment Tacloban City UP Tacloban YouthMappers
3 Mindanao Campaign P 175,000 with equipment Cagayan de Oro USTP AGES YouthMappers

OSM PH Monthly Themed Mapathons

An allocated budget is also provided for OSM communities/groups/enthusiasts interested in hosting mapathons.

Schedule Community Lead Description
Women's Month Mapathon March 19, 2022 Geolades PH
Pride Month Mapathon June MapBeks

To submit for a request for support, please fill up this form:


OSM PH Booster Grants 2022

This is a localized booster grant that is a proposed stimulation project that aims to allow small  (mappy) communities or groups to initiate or reinvigorate their own activities and projects in a given time period (March - June 2022). Five (5) projects will be selected and will be given P100,000.00 each to implement their proposals.

The call for proposals will initiate on February 14, 2022 Monday and will carry on till  25 February 2022 Friday. 3 Proposals will be selected on March 1, 2022 and a rolling call will continue till March 11, 2022. The last 2 proposals will be announced on March 15, 2022.

  • Applications for the OSM PH Booster Grants will be done in two (2) batches:
    • First Run - 14 February 2022 - 28 February 2022 (11:59 PM PH Time)
    • Second Run - March 1, 2022 - March 11, 2022 (11:59 PM PH Time)
    • This will be a rolling application so if you are not selected for the first run, your proposal will be automatically brought to the second run for review.
  • Applications will be reviewed, triaged, shortlisted and selected by the facilitating team including members of the OSM Philippines community. All applications will be uploaded via the OSM Wiki so it will be available for comment and feedback
    • OSM Wiki First Run -  1 March 2022 - 5 March 2022
    • OSM Wiki Second Run - March 12 2022 - 17 March 2022
  • Project Selection
    • First Run - Three (3) Projects selected - will be announced on 7 March 2022
    • Second Run - Two (2) Projects - will be announced on 21 March 2022
    • All applications will be notified by 22 March 2022
  • Applications will be rolled over for a second run. Last two (2) selected projects will be announced on Monday 14 March 2022
  • Selected projects will have 3.5 months to implement their projects (March - June 2022)
Project Principles
  1. Established partnership with a local community - focus will be given to communities/groups with established and good relationships with a local community (barangay, women’s group, elders, LGBT, city, municipal, etc) as this will hasten the efforts to connect and implement the project.
  2. Inclusivity
  3. Responsible and Accountable Mapping
  4. Community Building
  1. Project
    1. Focus on open mapping activities that are related to OpenStreetMap (OSM)
    2. 3 months in length
    3. Request no more than P100,000.00 (PHP)
    4. Scope can be a small community group, a barangay, upto the national level.
  2. Eligible Applicants include:
    1. open mapping focused organizations/ communities/ enthusiasts from the Philippines.
    2. applicants who agree to the reporting requirements, are willing to sign a grant agreement, and provide SmartCT with information needed to process your funding.
    3. Applicants who agree to operate within HOT’s code of conduct
  3. Ineligible Applicants include:
    1. multiple applications by the same individual or community
    2. HOT staff members and board members
    3. Members of the OSM Facilitating Team
    4. partners contracted by HOT
Application Submission

Your submission should have atleast the following:

Name of the Project
Objectives and Targets Examples:
  • Number of data uploaded to OSM
  • Number of trained individuals
  • Number of maps produced
  • Number of partners involved
Implementation Plan (Specific steps to achieve the objectives)
Proposed Budget (Breakdown of Budget)
Community/Group Profile and Contact Name of Group/Community:


Project Lead:

Email Address:

For sample Project Plan and Budget Breakdown, please refer to this sample proposal.

To submit your application, please answer this form:


We will be creating an OSM Wiki for each application so that feedback and suggestions will be open for the whole community to provide.

Grant Applications






Selected Projects






Proposed Budget Breakdown

Proposed Budget as of 14 February 2022
Budget (PhP) Budget (USD) Percentage
Pista ng Mapa 2021 Conference P 100,000.00 USD 2,000.00 8%
OSM Philippines Booster Grants P 500,000.00 USD 10,000.00 40%
OSM PH Drone and GPS Trainings P 500,000.00 USD 10,000.00 40%
Monthly Mapathons P 25,000.00 USD 500.00 2%
Administrative Cost (SmartCT) P 125,000.00 USD 2,500.00 10%
TOTAL P 1,250,000.00 USD 25,000.00 100%

Booster Grant Facilitating Team

  1. ANDAL, Feye
  2. ARANAS, Romer
  3. GARCIA, David
  4. LUNAS, Leigh
  5. SAMBALE, Maning

Supporting Communities/ Organizations

  • GeoLadies PH
  • MapBeks
  • Mental Health AWHEREness
  • Ministry of Mapping