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Open vector p2.png
Grid in p2.png

Potlatch 2 can be used with the OSM Tasking Manager as follows (although use with the other major editors, iD or JOSM, is more common)

Potlatch 2 will not automatically display the task bounding box, but you can do so by following this procedure:

  1. In the Tasking Manager, select a square and click Start Mapping to lock it
  2. In the Tasking Manager, select Edit with JOSM (if a window appears saying "JOSM remote control did not respond..." just click OK).
  3. Below the Edit with JOSM button, text will say "Tip: Download the following .gpx file...". Download the .gpx file, and note where it is saved.
  4. In the Tasking Manager, change from Edit with JOSM to Edit with Potlatch 2. Potlatch should open in a new tab.
  5. In Potlatch, select Background, then Vector File...
  6. In the Load Vector File window, at the bottom next to File, click Open, and navigate to the .gpx file you just downloaded
  7. In the Load Vector File window, make sure the box is checked in the Show column for the .gpx file, then close the window
  8. Potlatch should now display the boundary as a square (probably cyan). Note that Potlatch will still load data outside the boundary.