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To use the Tasking Manager with JOSM you need to setup two things:

  • Remote Control - This allows you to click a single button in the tasking manager and open the area in JOSM
  • The image layer - This adds the imagery for the task you are working on into JOSM. You need to add a new image layer for eash task.

Remote Control

Remote Control is necessary to enable communication between the OSM Tasking Manager website and your local JOSM installation.

Open JOSM and go to menu Edit – Preferences

Select the remote control menu

JOSM Remote Control Button.png

Enable remote control

JOSM Remote Control Preferences.png

Also make sure you do not have the “download data automatically” plug-in activated - de-activate under the file menu.

Click OK and restart JOSM

You should now be able to use remote control. Within the tasking manager you should be able to click the 'JOSM' button on a task, to automatically download the square area of a task. Where job descriptions include an imagery link, you should also be able to click the link to automatically bring in the imagery as a layer.

You can find more information about JOSM remote control on the JOSM wiki

Add a new image layer as WMS/TMS to JOSM

The easiest way to add special imagery as a layer in JOSM, is to use remote control links where they are provided e.g. within the task manager. It's also very easy to add bing imagery and other global defaults via JOSM's imagery menu. But for some imagery you may only know a URL to a WMS or TMS. This can be added as follows:

Go to menu Edit - Preferences

Select the WMS/TMS menu

JOSM WMS Button.png

Click on the + symbol at the lower right

JOSM Add WMS Layer.png

Give the new image layer a proper name

Past the link from http://tasks.hotosm.org into the URL field

You have to choose WMS or TMS – You can see in the URL what kind of service to use.

JOSM Add Imagery Layer with highlighting.png

Click OK and close the preference window.

To use it, go to the region it is supposed to cover and then go to the "Imagery" menu, where you should see the named imagery source you have added. Selecting this will add the layer. You may have to zoom out if you get error messages instead of imagery.

JOSM in action

To use JOSM select your task in the normal way. Once the task has been selected click the JOSM button.

OSM Tasking Manager Select JOSM.png

OSM Tasking Manager will then ask if JOSM is open.

OSM Tasking Manager Using JOSM Dialog.png

Finally JOSM will open the data

OSM Tasking Manager Task in JOSM.png