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Osm tracker pic1.jpg
Authors: Rubke, MrTux, Dodi
License: GNU General Public License v3
Platform: Windows Mobile 2003
Version: 0.10.1 (2010-02-08)
Languages: German and English
Programming language: Visual Basic .NET

OSMtracker is an application for the Windows Mobile PDA/Pocket PC and SmartPhones. The main features are track logging (gpx) and quick (voice) waypoint annotations when driving a car or on a bicycle. It also has a smooth scrolling map with heading indicator.


  • Opensource: yes (see License, source available via svn)
  • Target platform: PocketPC: Windows Mobile 2003, 5 and 6; Windows CE 5.0; SmartPhone: Windows Mobile 6. Note: There also is an Android version (OSMtracker (Android)), however there is no association with OSMtracker (despite that someone uses our name).
  • Optional Requirement: Internet connectivity (gprs/umts/...) for map tiles download
  • Dev. language: VB.NET for CompactFramework 2.0
  • Current status: developing and ready to use :-)
  • License Type: GPLv3, see COPYING file for more information
  • Developer(s): Rubke, MrTux, Dodi
  • Tester(s): Ldp


  • OSMtracker isn't under development any more, however, you can still download and use the last published version.
  • To save space on your cd-card see our Documentation on how to use the TileTool.
  • Release of version 0.10.1, see OSMtracker/Dev for version history and list of changes, #Download
  • Please help to document OSMtracker: OSMtracker/Docs

Resolution survey

Take part in our PDA display resolution survey, please feel free to vote for the following (or add new less common) display resolution
We are collecting information about most common PDA display resolution used by OSMtracker users, in hope we can provide more intuitive and user/finger friendly UI in one of the upcoming OSMtracker releases.

resolution votes note (device names/types)
176 x 220 3 iPaq 514 Smartphone (Please!)
240 x 320 37 probably most common QVGA
Lowrance Endura
240 x 400 7 (Samsung Omnia i900, LG GM 750, Gigabyte GSmart S1205)
320 x 240 9 landscape mode (HTC TyTN II)
240 x 240 6 square displays SQVGA (HP 651x, 691x, Treo 750, Fujitsu-Siemens LOOX T830)
320 x 320 2 square displays (Samsung i780)
320 x 480 2 LG Optimus One
480 x 272 3 Mio Digiwalker c320, Sony NV-U82/NV-U83, Falk N240L
480 x 600 1 Samsung Galaxy W
480 x 640 24 VGA (HTC Diamond; Touch Pro; E-TEN M800; X500+; FSC N560; Acer N300; HP iPAQ 4700; HP iPAQ 210; HP iPAQ 214; Fujitsu-Siemens LOOX 720, Dell Axim x51v, x50v)
480 x 800 20 WVGA (HTC Touch HD / spec here, and HTC Touch Pro2, also HTC HD2 (LEO), HTC Pure, Toshiba TG01, Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100)
480 x 854 1 Motorola DEFY+
540 x 960 0 HTC: Desire HD2, Raider, Sensation [xx]; Motorola: Razr, Milestone, Atrix; Sharp Aquos Phone SH-80 F; Huawei Ascend P1 (are some of them available with Win-Mobile? Otherwise delete this please)
640 x 480 6 landscape VGA (Dell Axim, HTC Touch Pro,...)
800 x 480 5 Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and WVGA in landscape mode
720 x 1280 1 Samsung Galaxy Nexus
1280 x 768 1 LG/Google Nexus 4
1280 x 800 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
1280 x 800 1 Google Nexus 7
none 1 make it accessible for blind persons, assume there is a screen reader installed that can read out text outputs.
other - please specify by adding a new row into table
Thank you for your feedback
OSMtracker dev team


Osm tracker pic1.jpg Osm tracker pic6.jpg Osm tracker pic7.jpg Osm tracker pic2.jpg Pic3.jpg Osmtracker pic5.jpg Pic4.jpg Pic8.jpg


Track logging

  • tracklogging to GPX
  • optional logging of raw NMEA data to file
  • simulator mode: select a nmea log and let your ride replay
  • support for hardware buttons, and 12 quick-preset software buttons on one page (unlimited number of pages - user configurable in buttons.xml)
  • audio mapping/voice tags
  • camera support for WM5 and higher

User interface

  • smooth map scrolling with bearing/course shown on map in automatic (GPS tracking) or manual scrolling
  • dynamic scaling speed graph
  • QVGA/square/VGA landscape & portrait screen display support
  • animated GPS quality indicator
  • battery indicator with time remaining estimation
  • load existing GPX file as a route painted on the map


  • selectable "tile server" URL and automatic tile downloading
  • imperial or metric units
  • remember last position
  • load saved routes (GPX tracks)
  • PDA clock sync from GPS time
  • PC / Activesync installer

Compatibility List

Please help updating the new table:

Device OS Built in GPS Works with
Intermediate driver
or Serial
Works since version1 Notes
Acer e300 Windows CE 5.0 yes ? 0.6.1 COM1/4800 (GPS must be enabled before running OSMtracker)
Acer n35 WM2003SE yes serial 0.8.0 COM8/57600
Acer n50 WM2003SE no serial (BT) 0.8.0 COM6
Asus A636 WM5 yes serial
Asus A639 WM6 / WM5 yes serial 0.6.1
Asus A696 WM6 yes serial 0.4.2, 0.6.1 COM5/9600
Asus P526 WM6.1 yes Intermediate driver 0.10.1 (Please install GPS_Update.exe from www.asus.com if GPS will not work)
Dell Axim X5 WM2003SE no serial all
Dell Axim X30 WM2003SE no serial (BT) 0.7
Dell Axim X50v/X51v WM5,WM6.1 no both (BT) 0.6.1 is usually sold with WM2003
E-Ten Glofiish X 500 WM5,WM6 yes ? 0.6
E-Ten Glofiish X 500+ WM5,WM6 yes ? 0.10
E-Ten Glofiish X 800 WM6 yes intermediate 0.6
E-Ten Glofiish M700 WM6.1 yes both 0.6.1
E-Ten Glofiish M800 WM6.1 yes intermediate 0.6 camera doesn't work (Could not take picture: An unknown error occurred), occasionally fails to record voice tag
Falk N240L Windows CE 5.0 yes serial 0.10.1 COM2/57600
Falk Navigator 6500 (Typhoon MyGuide 6500 XL) WM2003SE yes serial 0.8.1 COM2/4800
Falk Navigator 7000 SC (Typhoon MyGuide 7000 XL) WM2003SE yes serial 0.4.1 COM1/4800
FSC Pocket Loox 710 / 720 WM2003SE no serial (BT) 0.6.1
FSC Pocket Loox N500 WM5 yes intermediate, serial all COM1/4800
FSC Pocket Loox N520 WM5 yes serial, virtualCOM all COM8/9600
FSC Pocket Loox N560 WM5 yes intermediate, serial 0.6.1 COM8/9600
FSC Pocket Loox T810 / T830 WM5 yes serial 0.38 COM6/9600
HP iPAQ h1940 WM2003 4.20.0 no no none GPS via serial (BT) COM7/38400 available
HP iPAQ h2200 WM2003 4.20 yes serial (BT) 0.10.1 GPS via serial (BT) COM8/9600
HP iPAQ 214 WM6.0 no serial (BT) 0.10.0 tested with HOLUX m-1000
HP iPAQ 614c WM6 pro yes intermediate 0.8.0 device has no button for 5-way navigation - scrolling since 0.8.0
HP iPAQ 6315 WM2003 no serial (BT) 0.6.1 rev.282 COM7/4800, .NET CF 3.5
HP iPAQ 6340 WM2003 no serial (BT) 0.8.1 COM7/4800, .NET CF 3.5
HP iPAQ 6515 WM2003 yes serial all? COM7/4800, buttons font too big
HP iPAQ 6815 WM5 yes intermediate 0.10.1
HP iPAQ 6870 WM2003 yes serial all? COM5/9600, A few WM2003 bugs
HP iPAQ 6915 WM5 yes serial, intermediate all? COM7/57600
HP iPAQ Data Messenger WM6.1 yes serial, intermediate 0.8.0
HP iPAQ HX 4700 WM5 no serial, intermediate 0.6.1
HP iPAQ HX 4700 WM6.5 no serial, intermediate 0.11.0
HP iPAQ 5550 WM2003 no serial 0.6.1 Navman Sleeve 3450SE, COM4/57600 . Only works with SmartST Basic Driver, not with update to 3.1.6
HP iPAQ rx5720 WM5 yes serial, intermediate 0.4.0 Doesn't work at all with splitter
HTC Apache / XV6700 / PPC-6700 WM5 no serial 0.6.1
HTC Artemis / P3300 / Xda orbit / T-Mobile MDA Compact III WM5. / WM6.0 / WM6.1 yes intermediate 0.6
HTC HD2 (LEO) WM6.5 yes intermediate 0.8.1 ?
HTC Herald / P4350, XDA terra, VPA Compact IV WM6.0 no serial all tested with HOLUX m-1000
HTC Pharos / P3470 WM6.0 / WM6.1 yes intermediate, serial (BT) 0.8, 0.10 Tested with .NETCF3.5.
HTC Prophet / Xda neo / Orange SPV M600 / Qtek S200 WM5 / WM6.1 no intermediate, serial (BT) 6.1 intermediate driver tested with ver. 0.10.0 and WM5.0 / WM6.1
HTC Pure WM6.5 yes intermediate ? installed 0.11.0 rev 711
HTS S740 WM6.1 yes ? ? installed 0.10.1 rev730 on 21.7.2010; crashes upon "Voice recording" and "Other ways"
HTC Trinity / P3600 WM5 / WM6.0 / WM6.1 yes serial, intermediate 0.4.1
HTC Touch Cruise / Polaris / P3650 / O2 Xda Orbit2 WM6.1 yes serial, intermediate 0.6
HTC Touch 3G WM6.1 yes intermediate 0.8
HTC Touch Diamond / Xda Diamond WM6.1 yes serial (BT) and intermediate 0.4.2, 0.6.1
HTC Touch Diamond 2 / T-Mobile MDA Compact V WM6.1 yes intermediate 0.8
HTC Touch (Elf and Elfin) WM6.0 no serial, intemediate all?, 0.6.1, 0.8
HTC Touch HD WM6.1 yes serial BT, intermediate 0.6.1 Tested with Serilot Port Splitter, but works out of the box too
HTC Touch Pro / P4600 WM6.1 yes serial, intermediate 0.6.1
HTC Touch Pro2 WM6.1/WM6.5 yes intermediate 0.8.0
HTC Touch Viva WM6.1 no serial BT 0.6.1 - 0.8.0 Tested with iBlue 747
HTC TyTN WM6.0 no serial BT 0.1
HTC TyTN II / Kaiser / P4550 / SFR-Vodafone v1615 / T-Mobile MDA Vario III WM6.0 / WM6.1 yes intermediate 0.6 GPS antenna is located on back side of casing, poor reception if device is held in a normal way. Use of a external GPS mouse via bluetooth recommended. Voice recording fails ometimes with error message, in a few cases windows locked in and I had to reset the phone by hardware reset.
No such problems for me so far, except the hardware key assignment is a bit weird.  :-) --Rohieb 17:57, 4 June 2011 (BST)
HTC Wizard / T-Mobile MDA Vario / Orange SPV M3000 WM5 no serial BT 0.6
Lowrance Endura WinCe 5 yes serial 0.10.0 COM2 5760 Nach beenden, läuft Programm im Hintergrund weiter
T-Mobile MDA Compact II WM5 no serial, intermediate all
T-Mobile MDA Compact WM6.1 no serial BT 0.6.1 Intermediate did not work, unstable when recording voice, tested with NAVILOCK BT-413
Medion 95000 (=Yakumu Delta 300 GPS) WM2003 yes serial all
Medion 95730 WM2003 yes serial all no "DOP" support
Medion MDPNA 100 WM2003 yes ? 0.6.1 none
Mio A700 WM5 yes serial 0.6.1 COM2/57600
Mio c320 WinCe 5 yes serial 0.10.1 COM2 Running MioPocket 4.0 Dropdown for com settings didn't drop down, Required use of On-screen keyboard left right arrow keys. Unit has no mic.
Mio P550 WM5 yes serial all COM2/4800
Motorola MPx220 WM2003 Smartphone 4.21 no no none SmartPhone != PDA/PocketPC, does not even start
Palm Treo 750 WM6 no intermediate(BT) all
Photonav Classic Win CE 5 yes serial 0.10 (Rev 730) COM2 / 4800. Not tested with older versions than mentioned, might work with older also. Installation requires some work: Too small screen resolution to show the ok button for the installation, no keyboard need to use script that presses enter or virtual keyboard. Install to memory card worked. GPS works after manually editing the config xml file to use COM2 port. (The virtual com port driver does not give any name to it by default, so it does not show up in configuration. Saving in the configuration screen caused gps not to work again, need to set it to COM2 manually after every config change. Able to download tiles when connected to windows xp with the sync tools. Also setting up pre-loaded tiles manually worked.
QTEK 9090 WM2003SE no serial all
QTEK 2020i WM2003SE no serial all
Samsung i780 WM6 yes intermediate 0.8 (rev#308) Camera is not working
Samsung Omnia II i8000 WM6.5 yes intermediate 0.8.1 Habe es nur mit der Version 0.8.1 getestet. Stürzt aber ab und zu ohne lesbarer Fehlertext einfach ab. Immer an unterschiedlichen Stellen. Vielleicht weil kein Speicher mehr frei ist.
Samsung Omnia i900 WM6.1, WM6.5 yes intermediate 0.6.1
Simvalley XP-25 WM6.1 no intermediate, serial (BT) all
Simvalley XP-65 WM6.1 yes serial 0.6.1 COM6/57600
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 WM6.1 yes serial 0.6.1
Toshiba Portégé G710 / Vodafone VDA GPS WM6 Standard (No touchscreen) yes no none please recheck with OSMtracker4SmartPhone-Version
Toshiba TG01 WM6.1, WM6.5 yes testing 0.10.1 tests are on the way
Transonic PNA 3002 WinCE.Net 4.2 yes ? 0.10.1 COM2/4800. No voice recording. Need customization. Tested with .NETCF3.5.
Trimble Juno SD WM6.1 yes intermediate 0.10.1
Typhoon MyGuide 3500 mobile (Falk Navigator 2004) WM2003SE yes ? 0.6.1 COM2/4800
ViaMichelin X950 WinCE.Net 4.2 yes ? 0.10.1 COM1/4800. No voice recording. Mapnik tiles downloading thru ActiveSync connexion running.
Yakumo Delta 300 GPS 2L WM2003 yes serial all

1 Older versions might be untested.


All documentation moved to: OSMtracker/Docs

If you have trouble with OSMtracker please read the next section and feel free to contact us in IRC or via our mailing list (see #Development).


It isn't under development any more


Latest stable release: Version 0.10.1, 8. February 2010:

The source code is available on [Source archive] (about 435 KiB)

Note: For upgrade from < 0.6: if you have changed buttons.xml or you want to keep your settings (config.xml) and you want to keep your changes, please back it up before upgrading.


Please consider using/testing the latest development release. In the past it was quite stable and it contains the latest bugfixes and helps us developing the next stable release: OSMtracker/Dev

User scripts

Small Linux script for manage the gpx files

This script make a directory every day of import, and remove the time tag from the waypoint gpx file to resolve a josm bug. Change the /media/directory_of_gpx_files/ to your directory.

Save this text in a file.sh, change the /media/directory_of_gpx_files/ to your directory and make executable.

data=`date '+%y%m%d'`
mkdir ./Acquisizioni/$data 2> /dev/null

#copia da osmtracker

if [ -d /media/directory_of_gpx_files/ ]
cp /media/directory_of_gpx_files/* ./Acquisizioni/$data && rm /media/directory_of_gpx_files/*
for f in ./Acquisizioni/$data/*-wp.gpx 

sed  -i 's/<time>......................time>//g' $f