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This is a short overview from where OSMtracker is coming and where is going

Current status

  • current stable release 0.10.1 - download


Development snapshot

Download current development snapshot for PocketPC: OSMtracker-dev.cab

All snapshots here. Some previous version are available, too.

Source code

If you make modifications to OSMtracker and you distribute the compiled version of your build, be sure to obey the GPL license. You have to include the sourcecode, or make it available for download together with the binary version.

OSMtracker isn't under development any more. Patches are still welcome --MrTux (talk) 22:02, 31 March 2013 (UTC)

Version history

Version Description and new features
  • fixed hardware-buttons
  • visual Button.xml-Editor
  • memory and performance optimizations
  • gpx file load (GPX Version 1.1) for painting a track on the map
  • color of the track is configurable now
  • progressbar for tilemanager
  • optional sound on fix change
  • new button.xml-command "__loadbtnfile" for loading other button.xml-files (filename in execPath-attribute)
  • clear downloader queue on zoom-level change (bb#79) for faster downloads of current zoom-level tiles
  • Version for SmartPhones
  • gpx file merge tool (waypoint and trackpoint files)
  • optical fixes for Windows CE 5
  • correctly set up metrics
  • save correct times on voice recording
  • Auto toggle download tiles depending on GPRS and roaming state
  • lots of small enhancements
  • encode custom waypoint names correctly
  • fixed removal of waypoints
  • major performance optimizations
  • new file/folder select dialog
  • calculation of altitude wrt sealevel out of altitude wrt ellipsoide (thanks to Eg Ikki)
  • icon group for OSMtracker with TileManager
  • on/off track logging during normal operation, and status visualisation in titlebar
  • GPS position and heading indicator on right position on map while in manual mode
  • touchscreen map scrolling (thanks to Peter Vitt)
  • splashscreen for better visualization that OSMtracker is starting
  • size of buttons and arrow are changeable
  • new commands _waypoints, _data, _gps, _map, _prev, _next to switch directly to corresponding tab
  • new command __centerToCurrentPosition for devices with no "Enter"-button
  • option to playback last recorded clip after recording
  • optionally print POIs on map
  • support for multiple tile-providers at the same time
  • NMEA-logging of intermediate-driver connected devices
  • lots of smaller bugfixes
  • fixed removal of waypoints
  • intermediate driver wasn't always closed correctly
  • major performance optimizations
  • support for WM5+ intermediate driver
  • autom. bluetooth-radio activation on startup
  • prevent device from shutting down
  • bugfix release
  • bugfix release
  • smooth scrolling map (display zoom level in lower right corner)
    • update map only if map is visible to user (to reduce load)
    • show bearing/course on map
  • splitted zoom buttons so that they are easier to hit
  • save gpx-file every five minutes or when a waypoint is added
  • added support for hardware buttons, configurable via buttons.xml
  • prefer buttons.xml in storge directory if it exists
  • fixed flashing title bar and show more readable information on it
  • improved speed graph
  • remember last position
  • various fixes and cleanups
  • lot's of bug fixes
  • Camera support for WM5 and higher
  • PC / Activesync installer
  • new style buttons.xml
  • Landscape & portrait screen support
  • waypoint annotations screen/buttons reworked.. unlimited pages, everything user configurable
  • selectable "tile server" URL. Mapnik or a bunch of osmarender servers. (add your own in config.xml)
  • Map can be "scrolled" with joystick
  • live position indicator in map
  • tile storage changed to format "\storage card\osmtracker\tiles\z\x\y.png" (more compatible with server tiles)
  • context menu in map, user can choose own gps coordinates (do it in disconnect state)
  • dynamic scaling of speed graph
  • Switchable units : imperial or metric
  • New title bar with animated GPS quality indicator
  • removed file menu, click on title bar (more screen space)
  • gps simulator, select a nmea log and let your ride replay
  • optional, logging of raw NMEA data to file. logging 30min -> log file is 530KB
  • Speed graph (mostly for debugging)
  • quick waypoints annotation buttons upgraded (12 quick annotation buttons per page, multiple pages, editable in a button.xml)
  • PDA clock sync from GPS time
  • trackloging to GPX, with user defined interval. @2sec interval, 30min = 90KB
  • Speed and GPS quality bar in caption
  • GPS support
  • audio mapping
  • quick waypoints annotation buttons
  • graphical buttons with user defined icons (gif/bmp/png)
  • storage of waypoints and voice annotations in GPX format
  • waypoints listview with
    • replay of audio
  • deletion of wrong waypoints