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OSMtracker Button Commands Reference

Command Description
__next switch to net page of buttons
__prev switch to previous page of buttons
_synctime set device time from GPS time
__downloadtiles toggle tile downloading
__goto goto to selected page
__settings show setting dialog
__exit exit application
__zoomin same as zoom in (+) button on map tab
__zoomout same as zoom out (-) button on map tab
__centertocurrentposition lock center of map to GPS position
__fullscreen toggle fullscreen and normal screen mode
_takepicture take picture (available in WM5+)
_voicerec start taking voice memo
__tracking toggle traack logging feature
_customtext insert custom text as waypoint
__nexttileprovider switch source of maps to next tile provider
__newgpx start a new GPX file
__newtrack start new track within current GPX file
__drawtrack toggel drawing current track on map
__about show about dialog
__map switch to map tab
__gps switch to gps tab
__waypoints switch to waypoints tab (where buttons are)
__data switch to data tab (list of collected waypoints)
__nexttab switch to next tab(right tab of current)
__prevtab switch to previous tab(left tab of current)
__screenoff turn off device screen (backlight and display)
__backlight toggle back light (display is ON)
__loadbtnfile load other buttons.xml file (name of buttons.xml file goes into execPath attribute of button)
__exec execute some executable (name of exe goes into execPath attribute of button)